An Autobot and Gundam: Why Bumblebee Came to Odaiba Japan and the Must-See Transformation

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  • In order to promote the upcoming movie Bumblebee that centers around one of the Transformers’characters ,Bumblebee, another robot life-size statue showed up outside of Diver City Mall, in Odaiba along the famous 24 m Unicorn Gundam.

    The movie Bumblebee had its release date last year on 3rd of December in Berlin and December, 21st in the US and will be airing in Japan on 22nd of March, this year, 2019.

    There are many fans of Transformers between the Japanese and everyone is looking forward to the premiere that will take place next month, at the end of March.

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    Bumblebee’s statue and the Upcoming Movie

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    Charlie (Hailee Steinfield) will be be paring with the Autobot that finds refugee in a junkyard in a small small town in California, where she discovers him(Bumblebee) scattered and broken.

    The movie belongs to the science fiction action genre and as mentioned above, it is based on one of the most beloved Transformers’ characters, Bumblebee.
    Bumblebee’s statue will only be in Odaiba until the end of March so if you are around there, don’t miss the chance to take a picture.

    Although the statue is much smaller than the Unicorn, it has already captured everyone’s attention and hearts, so I am sure it will happen the same to you,too.

    Also, in commemoration of the movie “Bumblebee”, there will be a campaign where you can win lots of goods, so don’ t miss that out and take your chances. I mean, there’s nothing to lose,right? The winners will be decided by lottery and you can find more details on the Diver City’s Official Website. *Japanese Only

    The Gundam Series: Odaiba Gundam Show and Life-size Statue


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    The Gundam statue in Tokyo is very popular in Japan and believe it or not, it has quite an unique story behind.
    Gundam(ガンダム/Gandamu), also known as Gundam Series is a franchise initially created in the 70`s by Sunrise and it features giant robots named mobile suits and has a militaristic setting, the franchise being the one that defined the mecha genre(real robots).

    Gundam became famous through anime TV series and later, manga novels and merchandise characters and is now an icon of Japanese modern culture. So much that even the Japanese Defense forces, Space agency, and Ministries often use this figure as a symbol of their missions.

    The RX 78-2 Gundam statue of 18 m was replaced by a 24 m RX-0-Unicorn Gundam in Destroy Mode, more recognizable internationally than the classic Gundam is. In 2019,there are plans of making a life-sized Gundam that walks and having in mind the Tokyo 2020 Games, Japan is preparing for dozens of tourists with many other exciting attractions to come.

    The are several Shows during the day and night that attract many people and at night, the Gundam Statue also lights up during winter
    You can see the Unicorn Gundam’s Transformation from 11:00 am, 1pm , 3pm or 5pm.

    You can find out more information about the upcoming events on their Original Website *Japanese Only

    Where is it located?


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    The statue is located in Odaiba, an island in Tokyo Bay accessible by 2 train lines and various boats. The man-made island in Japan has many popular spots such as Fuji TV, Rainbow Bridge and many others that attract waves of tourists from all over the world.


    Gundam Cafe

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    Nerding out at the Gundam Cafe

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    There is a Gundam cafe right behind the statue in the Diver City Plaza that serves delicious dishes and drinks, but if you want to visit a true Gundam themed restaurant, you can try the one in Akihabara , the only official Gundam Cafe with futuristic design, friendly staff and an English menu and an wonderful atmosphere.
    It’s quite an affordable place and definitely worth a visit if you turn out to be a Gundam fan!

    Akihabara Gundam Cafe Access
    Akihabara Gundam Cafe website

    If you are around Odaiba, go visit the two life-size statues, eat at the theme cafe, and look for souvenirs for you or your family and friends on your way back. Also, if you have the chance to see the Bumblebee movie in Japan, I recommend going to the Imax here for an unforgettable experience!

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