Lawson Turned the Adorable Character Doraemon into Japanese Sweets?!

  • I believe that everyone must be familiar with Doraemon(ドラえもん) series, be it manga , anime or both.
    The manga, published way back in 1969 is one of the best-selling manga series worldwide and has won many awards including the Osamu Tezuka Culture Award and has been adapted to anime series and multimedia franchise.

    So popular that it has become the Japanese cultural icon and now using the Doraemon as inspiration, Lawson released the 食べマス (eat) Series featuring the popular character of the series.

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    Doraemon Wagashi now in Lawson Stores

    The new 和菓子(wagashi) Japanese Sweets series is now so adorable that you won’t be able to have a bite. Not only does it look super kawaii(cute), but it also tastes delicious and comes in two innovative flavours: custard and strawberries.

    There are two versions of Doraemon: Tabemasu Doraemon that has a smiling face and a filling of custard cream and Tabemasu Doraemon Heart that has two adorable hearts instead of eyes and is filled with strawberry paste.
    The price is 280 yen and you can find it in all Lawson stores in Japan.

    Doraemon Series

    The series, illustrated and written by Fujiko F.Fujio are popular worldwide and the plot revolves around our adorable robotic cat, Doraemon that travels back in time to help Nobita Nobi. In Doraemon’s pocket you can find many futuristic machines such as どこでもドア(Doko demo doa), translated as Anywhere Door, a technology from the future that allows him people to travel wherever they want to, a small gadget that allows them to fly: Take-Koputa (Bamboo-Copter) and many others.

    Fujiko F.Fujio Museum


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    Informally known as the Doraemon Museum, the Fujiko F.Fujio art museum in Kawasaki is a must-visit for the Doraemon fans.
    Surrounded by a peaceful area that looks beautiful especially in spring, you can take your time before or after visiting the museum to stroll around and discover its surroundings.


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    The museum is based on Fujimoto Hiroshi, the real name of Doraemon`s creator and disposes of an amazing collection and art work of Fujiko F.Fujio including Doraemon`s original art, Kaibutsu-kun and many other series.
    As the museum still remains a famous sightseeing spot and it’s still very popular, you need to make a reservation beforehand.

    Doraemon Cafe, Atmosphere and Merchandise


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    Inside and outside the museum, there are many things you can do as the museum has much to offer.
    A Doraemon themed cafe with theme dishes, character goods and treats, manga room, exhibitions and short movies you can enjoy are just a few things that the place has to offer its visitors.

    Doko Demo Doa will take you to Doraemon`s world so take your friends and family, grab the Doraemon Sweets for your snack time and start your journey.

    Dujio F.Fujio Museum Official Website

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