What does the fox say? Come find out at a Fox Village in Japan!

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  • If you ever find yourself in Japan and your idea of a fun day is petting and feeding cute animals, why not stop by the Zao Fox Village? The village is sanctuary to hundreds of animals, including over six different breeds of foxes who roam free!

    Petting zoo of Zao Fox Village

    The first part of Zao Fox village is the petting zoo. The petting zoo consists of foxes, bunnies, miniature horses, and goats. You can buy food to feed the animals here, but please don’t feed the foxes outside cages. That is an area primarily used for feeding the animals, petting the animals, and taking pictures with the animals. There are some foxes here that are kept in cages or on a leash because they’re young. It’s for their own safety.

    Main Area of Zao Fox Garden

    This area is the main area, a large, open space where the foxes are free to scamper, play, eat, and sleep as they please! You can buy bags of feed to give the foxes. Most foxes will approach you eagerly to be fed or pet. When feeding the animals you’re supposed to throw the feed instead of letting them eat it out of your hand. Be aware that these foxes aren’t domesticated and will bite if they are provoked.

    Additional Information

    Located in the beautiful mountains of Miyagi, Japan, near the city of Shiroishi. You can either take a local bus or bullet train to get there. The staff will explain the rules in Japanese, but no worries if you don’t understand, they’ve got you covered! They’ve placed signs with red X’s to help you understand what isn’t allowed. Bags of feed are 1000 JPY each. Open since 1990, open everyday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Admission for Adults(13 plus) – 1000 JPY |Children(12 under) – Free

    If you like cute, furry animals, then this is definitely a place you have to visit. If you’re wondering why the Japanese hold foxes in such high regards, this is your chance to find it out at the Zao Fox Village.

    Zao Fox Village website