Why Is Japan Free Wi-Fi So Incredibly Awesome!?!

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  • The nightmares are over! Long gone are the days when people visiting Japan had to enter a Starbucks and order some coffee just to be able to use the Wi-Fi.

    If you’ve already visited Japan, you’ll be wondering what exactly we are talking about since finding public Wi-Fi did force you to enter a coffee shop or an elegant department store. Well, to make things simpler, a little thing called Travel Japan Wi-Fi has come to the rescue. However, what exactly is Travel Japan Wi-Fi, and how does it work?

    Travel Japan Wi-Fi

    Essentially, Travel Japan Wi-Fi is a smartphone application that allows you to connect automatically to Wi-Fi hotspots without the need to sign in. To make things even better, the app counts with over 200,000 hotspots across the country, making it relatively easy for foreigners to use their smartphones and surf the Internet.

    How Does It Work?

    After downloading the app (which is available to both Android and iOS devices), you will essentially have access to hotspots with the following names:

    • Wi2
    • Wi2_club
    • wifi_square
    • UQ_WiFi
    • Wi2_premium
    • Wi2_premiumclub

    There’s a very useful map that will tell you where all the hotspots are, so you won’t have to walk in circles trying to find clues that will indicate where these almighty hotspots are. No, no, no. Travel Japan Wi-Fi wants you to find them, so make sure you download the map so you can use it even when you are not connected to the Internet.

    And that’s it! You are all set. One of the best things about this app is that it has made things as simple as possible to make sure that tourists have a great time in Japan. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any intricate procedures when installing and using Travel Japan Wi-Fi.

    The Perks

    Travel Japan Wi-Fi has done something incredibly clever: it not only allows tourists to connect to over 200,000 hotspots, it also gives recommendations! The recommendations will be customized depending on the area you are in, and will save you the hassle of having to google what to do or where to eat. Just let the app do its work and checked their lists, which will be listing their top suggestions. The recommendations are not arbitrary, of course, since everything you see while using the app has and can be rated using either a thumbs up or thumbs down. This system makes it easier to attest whether someone liked or disliked something. Let’s be honest, giving stars and grades to establishments can end up making things so complicated. Additionally, you can save your favorite places!

    Coupons? COUPONS!

    When using this app, you will find a section named Offer. Here you are going to find great deals that will make it easier and more affordable to visit certain places. Some of them could have already crossed your mind, so seeing a coupon could be what truly pushes you to go there. Other offers could be linked to places you had not heard of, giving you a great opportunity to explore something or somewhere new. Besides, let’s be honest, getting to save some yen while visiting Japan is truly a spectacular treat!

    Are We Forgetting Something?

    Oh, yeah! Did we mention this service is free? Completely, absolutely, 100% free! No buts. No silly fine print that would trick you into selling your soul. Nope. This app is as free as free can be.


    There you have it! Considering that accessing Wi-Fi in Japan can become a painstaking task, Travel Japan Wi-Fi provides a simple solution to a very big and common problem foreign visitors face when traveling around Japan. If you are planning to visit this beautiful country, do not hesitate, and download this app as soon as possible! It will truly make your trip (and therefore, life) easier. Take it from us, former tourists who had to spend thousands of yen at Starbucks so we could connect to their Wi-Fi and find nearby restaurants, train routes, attractions, stores, museums, and other important information.