Delicious Oriental Japanese Sweets: 3 types you must try!

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  • Japan has a long history of making delicious, yet strikingly beautiful cuisines. Their sweets also live up to this statement. There are many different types of Japanese sweets, and all of them are indeed very tasty. Many of them are also very pleasing to the eye and exquisitely made. Here are a few traditional Japanese sweets to try on your next visit to Japan.

    Botamochi and Ohagi 牡丹餅 – おはぎ


    Botamochi and Ohagi are made from sweet rice and tsuban, a chunky sweet red bean confection. The two are identical in taste except for the sweet red bean confection. The textures of the two are different but they are very similar otherwise. They are served during “haru no hogan” and “aki no hogan”. When the Penoy (or Botan) bloom, on “haru no hogan”, Botamochi is being served, hence the name. And during “aki no hogan”, when the Hagi bloom, the Ohagi is being served. These sweets are meant to be served to the ancestors but anyone can enjoy these delicious treats.

    Sakuramochi 桜餅


    Next on our list is Sakuramochi, a pink rice cake filled with delicious red bean paste, wrapped in pickled sakura(cherry blossom) leaf. Although this
    delicious treat is sold throughout the year, it is mostly eaten during the spring when the sakura trees are in full bloom.

    Wagashi 和菓子


    Beauty and tastiness in a single treat, wagashi combines the elegance of Japanese foods. Wagashi are beautifully decorated Japanese confectionaries usually filled with anko (azuki bean paste). It is typically made from plant ingredients. These beautiful and exquisite sweets are typically inspired by animals and nature. Wagashi has become an art form and wagashi masters are truly remarkable in creating these desserts.

    Whether you are young or old you, can enjoy these delicious confectionaries. The Japanese have managed to influence their foods into elegant art. Even if you do not wish to eat these beautiful treats you are surely able to enjoy these delicate charming creations with your eyes.