One of the Famous Japanese Idol Group Morning Musume’s Members Had an Extramarital Affair?!

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  • The Japanese Idol, Maki Goto, former member of the famous Idol Group Morning Musume is now receiving lots of attention in Japan as she was involved in an extramarital affair despite being married for 5 years now.

    After her affair has become the spotlight of the news, she wrote an apology on her blog, saying sorry for betraying her husband, but according to the news , he is planning to sue the guy she betrayed him with that turns out to be her ex-boyfriend.

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    Who is Maki Goto?

    The Japanese singer and former actress, now 33 years old, also known as Gomaki, started her career as a musician in 1999 as a lead vocalist of Morning Musume, being the only third generation member part of the idol group.
    She graduated from the group in 2002 and her first single with Morning Musume ‘Love Machine’ sold in million copies and topped the Oricon charts.

    She also appeared in various TV shows during her career and is now (until the recent incident) well-known as a successful beautiful mother, recently being invited to several shows and talking about her happy marriage and her two beautiful children.

    Goto’s past and the horrible experiences she’s been through as a child


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    後藤真希さん(@goto_maki923)がシェアした投稿 –

    When she was young, she decided to drop out of high school because of bullying and she also has a very sad family history behind. She has two older sisters and one brother she hasn’t been in touch with since he was involved in a scandal and ended up being arrested.

    Her father lost his life when she little and in 2010, her mother fell down from the 3rd floor of the house Maki purchased for the family at the age of only 15 years old.
    She witnessed her mother falling off from the house and due to her serious injuries, she ended up passing away.

    An affair with her ex-boyfriend


    The tabloid Shukan Bunshun reported that Maki and her former boyfriend met about 8 years ago, but continued contacting each other through online games and internet even though the two broke up long ago. It was reported that they were seen together for more than 2 times going into a hotel and apparently, the reason they chose to get together, according to her 28-years old ex-boyfriend, was because Goto was initially planning a divorce.
    From her messages, one would think that she was abused by her husband, reason why it would lead to her divorce.

    However, after being found out about the affair, Maki wrote an apology on her blog, saying that they just fought a little and she exaggerated, apologising for betraying her husband and being irresponsible as a mother of two children and also declaring that she will stay by her husband’s side and will not be getting a divorce.


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    後藤真希さん(@goto_maki923)がシェアした投稿 –

    Her husband was opposed to the divorce in the first place and actually threaten her ex-boyfriend he’ll sue him for laying his hands on Maki. In previous interviews, Maki was saying her husband cares a lot about her, giving the image of a happy marriage and she declared that from now on, after talking with him and being granted his forgiveness she will once again try hard to make it work for them as a family and more importantly, for the well-being of the children.

    However, Japanese media speculates that given her image as an idol and the fact that she is famous, she wouldn’t have much of a choice besides continuing her marriage and there is also a lot of gossiping regarding her posts on the blog regarding this subject.