The Super Fan Uncle Olympics Naotoshi Yamada Dies at 92 just short of Tokyo 2020 Games !

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  • A Japanese Olympics super fan, Naotoshi Yamada that has attended all games since 1964, died on 9th of March due to a heart failure.
    A national celebrity that has appeared to every summer game, known by everybody as the “オリンピックおじさん”(Olympic Ojisan/ Uncle Olympics), died at 92 years old this year, in March.

    It was announced that the funeral will be held only between close relatives and also a farewell party will be held from 16th of April at Koto Ward in Tokyo, Tokyo Kiba Hotel, 2 pm.

    by cinnamonellie

    Olympic Ojisan beloved by a whole country

    Uncle Olympics cheering on Japan’s team has become beloved by the media in Japan, the Japanese players and all the citizens, always with a shimmering smile on his face, a gold top hat and traditional clothes has won everyone’s hearts and became the international cheerleader that made the athletes feel relieved at his sight and receive lots of energy from his radiating smile and the energy he supports them with.

    The last event he participated in was Rio de Janeiro in 2016 , his golden hat and the fan with the Japanese Flag ‘Hi no Maru’, waving and cheering the athletes, made him well-known between the Brazilian audience that seemed to have taken a liking on the cheerleading ojisan.

    Who was the man called Naotoshi Yamada?

    Naotoshi Yamada, a man in love with sports, especially the Olympics. Was born in 1926 in Toyama Prefecture. During his life, besides enthusiastically cheering up Japan in the Games, he worked as a salaryman and built a successful business as a wire rope manufacturer. Slowly he expanded his business to hotels and real estate sectors.

    Alongside Japan all around the world

    Mr. Yamada has supported Japan and up until now, he has been going to every summer game since 1964: Mexico, Munich, Moscow, Montreal, L.A, Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro, Athens and also supported the athletes during the winter games in Nagano in 1998. His first Olympics in Tokyo were at the age of 38 and has declared to the Japanese media that he strongly wishes to see the 2020 Games in Tokyo.

    The Mexico City Games in 1968

    The Uncle Olympics made the games in Mexico so much exciting as he mistook one of the runners for a Japanese athlete and loudly supported the Mexican, leading to an unbelievable result and turning it into an amazing show that goes beyond imagination as the locals started to cheer for the Japanese athletes in return.

    Always livening up the atmosphere of the games with his overflowing energy, the Olympic Ojisan will always remain in our hearts and I am sure he will be watching the Games together with us supporting and watching over the athletes during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.