Travelling by Train in Japan: The Ultimate Sightseeing Experience

  • Are you wondering what it is like to ride on a Japanese Passenger Train? If your tour itinerary includes a train ride to the countryside, you better be excited for it means you are hopping on a sightseeing vehicle.

    1. Yurikamome (Odaiba)

    Let’s start in Japan’s metropolitan city, Tokyo. The Yurikamome transit system is an attraction in itself for it is a driverless train that brings you across the Rainbow Bridge. You will also have a great view of the Tokyo Bay. If you sit on the front, the bus-train transit is compared to an amusement park ride with its roller-coaster-like views, it runs alongside skyscraper buildings, it has several accelerations and rises and it passes alongside a Ferris wheel.

    2. Tokaido-Shinkansen Line (Shizuoka)

    Let us move a little farther away from Tokyo and head to Shizuoka. When you travel from Tokyo to Nagoya, take note of the Mount Fuji View when you have reached Shizuoka Prefecture. The scenery is breathtaking, especially during winter and fall.

    3. Gono Line

    The train passes a World Heritage Site “Shirakami Mountain Area”, making the transit not just a mode of transportation, but a mode of leisure and sightseeing, too. In fact, there is a train named “Resort Shirakami” which serves as a sightseeing train, as it is designed with higher and wider windows, allowing a scenic view of the breathtaking area.

    4. Takayama (Gifu)

    The Takayama main line in Gifu prefecture offers a winter wonderland view during the snowy season. So when you are traveling by train towards the town, make sure to take time to look at the scenic view of the snow-covered trees, mountains, and river.

    5. Akita Nairiku Line (Akita)

    Traveling to Akita during the cold months of winter by a train is also like entering a winter wonderland. It passes through the scenic hills and valleys and by the bridges, overlooking the crystallized river.

    Even Japan’s train rides provide picture-perfect sceneries including skyscrapers, endless tunnels, and bridges, clear beaches and snow wonderlands in during winter. So do not be afraid of the long train ride ahead, if you are hopping from one place to another. For in Japan, a train ride means a sightseeing opportunity across the country.

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