Japanese Going Crazy about Mickey Mouse joining cast of Avengers: Endgame!

  • Mickey Mouse will be part of the Avengers: Endgame, the most-awaited Marvel movie and also Disneyland will become an onsen(hot spring)?!
    Oh, wait ! There’s more to it! The Japanese brand Seiko is releasing a Senbei (rice cracker) wrist watch and Kirby will be square from now on?!

    You might’ve guessed already…but if you’ve clicked already, then : I got you anyway!
    The above are all a funny prank by the companies and you can see their advertisements down below(not a prank this time!).

    Now, I believe we are all familiar with April’s Fool, the day when people play jokes and hoaxes on 1st of April.
    April’s Fool is celebrated in many countries… However, is it also being celebrated in Japan?

    Well, yes and no.

    Japanese have imported many Western festivals and events, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween etc. but many were promoted by commercial interest having as purpose extra sales from Japan’s culture and giving gifts during those special events.

    by cinnamonellie

    April’s Fool’s Day in Japan


    April ‘s Fool came in Japan around 1912-1926 , around Taisho Era and it was originally called
    ”四月馬鹿”(Shigatsu Baka), in the present day, also known as エイプリルフール(Eipuriru furu).

    When it first came to Japan, there were many newspaper that wrote about the day, however compared to other western festivals, it didn’t receive that much attention from the Japanese citizens.

    Nowadays, you can sometimes see it calendars and over the social media people often make jokes and pranks and there are also a few companies that celebrate it.
    However, most Japanese people are still reluctant when it comes to April’s Fool and some even irritated at the gags going on.

    Fake article and companies joking around gets people irritated and angry


    In April,2001 Tokyo Shinbun wrote a fake article that got people react pretty bad when they found out it was just a gag on the April Fool’s Day and many were arguing that it’s one thing if you are a foreigner and other if you are Japanese and Japanese people shouldn’t get involved with this custom. Also, the fact that fake news were published seemed outrageous for the residents at that time.

    Japanese April Fool’s Day Nowadays: Funny Jokes, Memes and Lots of Imagination

    As I mentioned above, nowadays, there are many posts and jokes especially on social media from official companies, brands or Japanese people.

    Here are a few that I found really funny, creative and thought it was worth sharing especially because it’s been quite popular in Japan and are constantly being shared on social media platforms:

    1. Mickey Mouse the New Avengers Member

    2. Seiko’s new Senbei(rice cracker) wristwatch

    3. The round and adorable Kirby will have a square shape from now on

    4. Tokyo Disneyland will become an onsen(hot spring)

    5. A mini Pokemon Gaole that fits in your hand is now on sale

    Some people even say that the new name of the beginning Era (Reiwa Era) might be an April’s Fool Joke and are making funny memes on social media.
    For now, let’s wait until tomorrow to see if anything changes and until then, I hope you got to understand a bit of how things are here, in Japan, during this event.