Nokonoshima Island Park: Where flowers bloom all year round

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  • Nokonoshima Island Park is more than your typical park. Not only you can enjoy and relax with your family or friends in this small nature-rich, full of amenities island park, but you can also enjoy a variety of seasonal flowers blooming all year round.

    The Location and Getting There

    Nokonoshima Island Park, a natural park of about 150 thousand square meters is located in the northern part of Nokonoshima island, which sits in the middle of Hakata Bay off the coast of Fukuoka City in Kyushu. From Hakata or Tenjin, take the bus numbers 300, 301, 302, and 304 to get to Meinohama Port. From Meinohama Port, take the Municipal Noko-Meinohama Ferry to Nokonoshima ferry terminal. It will only take about ten minutes to reach the island. Then take Nishitetsu Bus bound for Island Park which will take another ten minutes.

    The Flowers

    Japanese Narcissus (日本水仙Nihon Suisen)

    Narcissus also known as Daffodils bloom at the beginning of January to mid-February. There are about one hundred thousand daffodils that bloom in the park.

    Plum Blossoms

    Red-blossomed plum trees, white-blossomed plum trees, they all bloom in Nokonoshima island park starting from mid-January up to the end of February. Plum blooms ahead of Sakura and is considered the early signs of spring.

    Winter-early spring flowers

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    This includes Camellia Sasanqua(Sazanka), Camelia Japonica (Tsubaki), Hisamusakura or hikanzakura, and Trumpet Daffodil (Rappa Suisen) and bloom in January to March.

    Rape Blossoms (Nanohana)

    This flower turns the fields into bright yellow with about five hundred thousand blooms starting early March up to mid-April.

    Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)

    Many kinds of Sakura bloom starting late March up to the beginning of April. Nokonoshima Island park is one of the best place for Hanami in spring.

    Poppy plant

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    Colourful poppies bloom starting at the beginning of March up to mid-May.

    Livingstone Daisy

    About thirty thousand daisy flowers bloom in the park starting end of March up to mid –May.

    Azalea (Tsutsuji)

    About one hundred thousand different kinds of azalea flowers bloom in the park starting in the month of April.


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    About thirty thousand marigolds bloom in mid-May up to the end of July.


    The flower of the rainy season in June can also be seen in the park’s “ajisai komichi’ or hydrangea street. There are about one thousand hydrangeas in this garden.


    Starting at the end of July to mid-August, about thirty thousand sun flowers bloom in the island park’s Flower Garden.


    In the whole month of June and from the end of September up to the end of October, about fifty thousand Dalia’s bloom in the park’s Dalia Garden.


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    Cosmos flower field with autumn leaves of Kochia in the background at Hitachi Seaside Park. This park is famous for the red carpet of Kochia, but they have many more beautiful scenery like this. I got tired when I reached this cosmos field because I took much time to shoot many pictures and videos in the big Kochia field. But I did my best to shoot cosmos flowers, too. 🤳25 October 2018 by #iphone7plus 📱. — 💙Best time to see Kochia : From mid to late October 💴Admission Fee
Adults : 450 yen, Children : free 🚌Access by express bus Tokyo Station → 2hour by Express Bus → Kaihin Koen Nishiguchi Bus Stop → 1 minute walk * * * #cnntravel #bbctravel #shotoniphone #natgeotravel #lightroomcc #tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #photo_travelers #retrip_nippon #visitjapanjp #nowdiscovering #earthpix #wonderful_places #tlpicks #lonelyplanet #mylpguide #bestplacestogo #travelawesome #hitachiseasidepark #ひたち海浜公園 #コキア #kokia #kochia #cosmosflower #コスモス #コスモス畑 #instaflowerlovers #instaflowerpics #instaflowers🌸🌺🌼

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    One of the most famous and most stunning, about five hundred thousand cosmos bloom in the park’s Large Flower Garden (大花畑 read as Daihanabatake) beside the restaurant facing the Hakata Bay in the month of October and another three hundred thousand cosmos bloom in late October up to the start of November in the park’s Flower Garden.

    Also in autumn, around November, Momiji leaves turn the surroundings of the park in blasting orange and yellow.

    Nokonoshima Island Park is a highly recommended place to visit for everyone to experience nature at its best. Breathe fresh air, relax in the green meadows, surround yourself with flowers. Flower-enthusiasts will certainly get addicted to this park. One visit will never be enough.

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