4 of the Strangest Sweets in Japan!

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  • What’s the weirdest sweet you’ve ever tasted before? A bean-flavored chocolate candy bar? An alcoholic gourmet candy snack? Whatever it is, each of us must have that strange experience of eating it. In Japan, you can find a lot of those in supermarkets and shops!

    Sweets are normally made from sugar. This is considered as its principal ingredient. However, some sweet companies would like to explore more and think out of the box in order to create a candy taste which can ultimately be a hit in the market. Some may be successful and some may be not. But then again, it actually depends on the person’s taste.
    Here are some of the strangest sweets in Japan.

    1. Ika

    Depending on preparation, I do love squids somehow. But dried squids covered with chocolate? Can you imagine? I’m not that sure how it tastes like. You better try it out for yourself.

    2. Okonomiyaki Drops

    Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake containing lots of ingredients. Some would say it is a Japanese-style pizza. The Okonomiyaki Drops, on the other hand, was supposedly made to give you that tinge feeling of okonomiyaki taste if you don’t want cooking the real one. However, some would say it tastes far different from the real one. It’s up for you to judge.

    3. Genghis Khan Caramel


    Have you ever tasted a grilled lamb before? How about a grilled lamb caramel? Well, Genghis Khan Caramel will give you a taste of it. This is probably great for meat lovers who love caramel as well. This can also be a weird food souvenir for people. A foreign friend once told me that the taste is not that gross or bad.

    4. Cake Soda

    A good excuse for drinking a soda without becoming unhealthy is the Cake Soda. Some say it taste like Sprite with more sugar and whip cream in it. It doesn’t really taste like cake, they say.