How Much Would You Spend If You Could Rent A Friend?

  • Your love life is nonexistent. After moving to Tokyo to focus on your career, your office has become your home and your social interactions have plummeted to levels you had never imagined. After devoting most of your day to all the tasks your boss gives you, you get home so late you don’t have time to enjoy anything beyond the meal you will call dinner. Sleeping eight hours is a fantasy; seven is more realistic, but you know it’s also impossible. It’s not a terrible life, just a very busy one. However, with such little time for yourself, there is absolutely no way you can find someone and start a relationship. At least not during this stage of your life.

    A few months later, you receive a dreadful letter: your cousin’s wedding invitation. Such an event means you will be meeting your whole family, and meeting your whole family means they will be asking questions. Lots of questions. The invitation also states that you can bring a plus one, but whom exactly could you invite? It suddenly strikes you that things would be much easier if you could indeed have someone next to you at the wedding. It would show that you have found a balance between work and your personal life, and that your life is not a lonely one. If only you could rent a partner for that day…

    After Googling what you think is going to be a stupid request, you end up realizing that you CAN rent someone who will gladly pretend to be your partner. With no hesitation, you send your request and wait.

    The situation is not so alien to many people; which is why Support One was created.

    What is Support One?

    Support One is a website that offers a wide variety of services. Key among them are the rental ones that allow customers to rent a lover, friend, or family. The concept can sound a tad strange, but the essence behind it is very comprehensible. When living in the hustle and bustle of a big city, the chances of experiencing loneliness can increase exponentially. That’s one of the biggest disadvantages of modern life in big metropolises.

    Because of this loneliness, there are people who resort to renting someone who can help them cope with this problem.

    People sometimes also prefer doing certain activities in the company of others. It’s not strange for those using Support One to rent a friend who can go shopping with them, or someone they can exercise with when going to the gym or running. After all, some individuals feel absolute boredom when shopping by themselves, and many who want to work out cannot feel motivated without someone else who can push them.

    A Convenient Solution

    When we think of loneliness, we might associate the word with sad and negative feelings. However, renting a human being (gosh, that sentence sounds terrible) is not necessarily a sad thing. When you truly think about it, there are many times when having someone else can help us deal with situations we would otherwise deem unbearable. Take the example from the wedding. There are many people who despise being showered with questions about their personal life and future goals, which tends to happen a lot when interacting with family members you haven’t seen in a while. You know what I’m talking about. How many times has a relative asked you when you are planning to get married? (And when you are married, they start asking you when you are planning to have babies… but that’s a story for another day). The point is that dealing with these interactions can make many of us feel uncomfortable. Thus renting a “lover” for a few hours can be a perfect solution. Sure, it’s more like using an adhesive bandage to stop a hemorrhage, you are not truly solving any problems (and if not being careful enough, you could end up tangled in a web of lies); but for those important hours you were able to avoid facing those horrid conversations.

    Another example is people who have lost family members or who don’t have any, but that are forced to participate in events that require them to bring them. Such situations include school parties, where both moms and dads will show up with their kids. If you happen to be a single parent, you could consider renting an extra family member to attend the event.

    As you can attest, there can be numerous reasons for people to consider renting someone to pretend to be their friend, family member, or lover. Not all people who resort to these tactics are doing so to find companionship for a few hours. Many of them are doing so to ease situations that would otherwise be too stressful to handle.

    Should You Use the Service?

    I mean, why not? If you would like to try it even it it’s just for the sake of doing something completely out of the ordinary, you should go for it! After all, if you have to go to a couple’s party, a wedding, a graduation, or some other event you’d feel more comfortable attending if you had someone beside you, then do not hesitate and use the service.