Babysitting Trend in Japan: International Babysitters

  • Babysitting has always been a major issue in Japan. It is not easy for parents to find somebody to take care of their children. Working women, even those who want to continue working, have no other means but to quit their job once they give birth. In some cases, day care centers are available in some areas, but their number is very few. Parents have to compete for slots. To be considered for a slot at a day care centre, means you have to comply with a strict standard system; that is, both parents are working, salary is quite low, or you are working for the government. These will give you an edge over the other applicants who’re desiring to leave their kids in a day-care.

    The Need for English Language

    Majority of the Japanese only speak Japanese. Only a small percentage can speak some English or other languages. However, English is the major language of the world. Some companies in Japan will only hire people who have high score of English tests or who can speak English well. With the need for it arising, Japanese parents are now considering putting their children in International schools and hiring private English Tutors. Some even hire English-speaking babysitters! is one of the babysitting companies offering a solution for the parents who would like to hire an international sitter who’d be spending quality time with their children as well as helping them in grasping English language. Other sitters can also speak Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German and many more. An amazing way for children to learn a new language!

    24-Hour Service

    The parents who work at night can hire a babysitter who can support you with your tasks. can provide a 24-hour child care for 7 days a week. For a cost of 2,000 yen per hour, it is not too expensive compared to the other baby sitting companies. The company has a low rate system, making it affordable for everyone, and helping enrich the lives of the parents in Japan.

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