Is it really Japan? The beautiful unexplored region of the Izu Peninsula boasts the most stunning clear waters

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  • Hirizo Beach, located south of the Izu peninsula, is a hot topic among some people in Japan. You can only get there by boat, and the waters are so transparent that you can almost see the boat floating, with visibility all the way to the bottom of the sea! Even in Japan you can come and have fun in a beautiful sea, full of many fish swimming around just like in an aquarium.

    In terms of nature, Japan is famous for its gardens, mountains, maple trees and the like, but the country also offers some beautiful beaches.
    The surrounding area has been designated as a national park so there are no developments taking place, there are no rivers nearby, and it is located on the coast of the southernmost tip of the Izu Peninsula along the route of the Japan Current. All these conditions have contributed to making it into one of the most beautiful swimming beaches.

    The best time to visit is August, a month that attracts so many visitors that they have to impose a limit on the number of arrivals.

    This beautiful sea is a perfect snorkeling spot thanks to its stunningly clear visibility of up to 7m to the bottom of the sea. Here you will be able to encounter as many fish as you would see in an aquarium.
    Really precious coral trees also grow here.

    In Japan, Okinawa is famous for its beautiful beaches, but how about considering Hirizo Beach as an alternative candidate?

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