This Website Will Help You Find a Cheaper Home, But There’s a Catch

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  • Do you want to find a cheap property in Japan? Good luck! Japan’s real estate prices are continuing to rise, making it more and more difficult for people to become homeowners. Renting is always a popular option in the archipelago, but if you desire to live close to the city centers of major cities like Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Kyoto, you’ll have to expect to pay an arm and leg, and maybe throw in an eyeball, for a place that’s slightly bigger than a closet… is this a hyperbole? Of course it is! But the point is that properties in Japan are smaller than what many foreigners are used to, so the prices can become even more shockingly high after seeing how “cozy” they are.

    Luckily, there is a new website under the name of Jobutsu that can help people find properties that have seen price decreases that can be as drastic as 90%!

    So… What’s the Catch?

    People died there.

    Wait… What?

    That’s right. In Japan, houses and apartments where people ended up dying become undesirable. These so-called stigmatized properties can become a burden to owners because people don’t want to live in them, and because their value tends to plummet. Can you imagine a mansion in Bel-Air losing its value by up to 90% because its owner died of natural causes there, but no one found out until a few weeks later? Yeah. Keep on dreaming.

    Of course, not all deaths are equal. Stigmatized properties are those that saw their former residents being murdered, committing suicide, or dying of natural causes but their corpses being discovered many days later because the residents used to live a lonely life.

    However, that’s a possibility in Japan, which is why Jobutsu has entered as the first website dedicated exclusively to listing these stigmatized properties so people can rent them or buy them.

    As of now, the website does not cover all of Japan (not even all of Tokyo, for that matter), but it’s still new and growing.

    But Why?

    In the past, we wrote an article on Oshima Teru, a website that lists stigmatized properties and the kind of deaths associated with them. Oshima Teru is a website people can use to identify whether the house or apartment they live in or want to move into is stigmatized. However, Jobutsu has a different strategy:

    What Jobutsu wants to do is increase the value of these properties by creating a direct link between owners and people interested in acquiring them.

    As Japan’s population continues to age, the problems related to lonely elderly people dying and rotting in their apartments will just increase, thus creating properties that no one wants to live in. By clearly listing available properties so those interested can rent them or buy them, Jobutsu hopes to change tendencies and viewpoints that have for so long affected such places.

    The thing is, there are many people who would not mind living in an apartment where someone died. For example, people working in hospitals and morgues who are already familiar with corpses and things related to the deterioration of our bodies and eventual death might not feel disturbed residing in a property like that. Additionally, there are many people who are not superstitious who would move to a cheaper property in a heartbeat.


    If you are looking for a cheap property, and would not mind living in a place you knew someone died, Jobutsu can be the perfect website for you! Let’s just hope they can expand rapidly so we can see properties in every corner of this archipelago.