Burgers can be quite different in Japan!

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  • Go almost anywhere in the world and with a little effort you can find somewhere to buy a burger. Burgers the world round are usually pretty standard, a meat patty, two buns and some cheese and lettuce, simple! A burger is one of those foods that if you like it you’ll probably like any other burger too. But, not in Japan! Japan’s eccentricity and experimentation with food have also gone to burgers, with a lot of different creations being made.

    Burger-less burger?

    This ‘burger’ was produced by Lotteria is called the Shrimp-Less Burger or Ebi Nashi Baagaa. Basically this ‘burger’ is two buns (everything as normal), lettuce (quite standard), tartar sauce (yup that’s fine) and nothing else! There is no patty or shrimp in this, it is basically a lettuce and tartar roll, but it seemed quite popular during its limited edition run.

    Spaghetti burger?

    Another world favourite food is spaghetti, the traditional Italian food of choice which is really good with a tomato sauce. Italian food is quite popular in Japan and more and more Italian pizza restaurants are opening. A famous chef in Japan decided to mix the well-loved burger with the well-loved spaghetti. This burger was released last year and was only available for a limited time.

    Strawberry burger?

    One prefecture of Japan, Tochigi, is famous for both top quality beef and top quality strawberries. Lotteria, therefore, added the two together and formed the Tochigi Wagyu Steak Burger with Tochiotome Strawberry Sauce. This burger was an extra thick and juicy wagyu burger topped with a sauce made from red wine, apples, bouillon and a bechamel sauce sweetened with strawberry jam. It sounds like a very interesting mix, but wagyu beef is especially delicious so I’m sure they would have made a great tasting burger.

    Tower burger?

    Now this is a burger to finish off even the most ambitious burger lover. This burger has now been released twice for limited periods, again by Lotteria. It features five stacked burger patties with cheese between two buns. Really this is a huge burger, I am not sure how people could eat it, but I’m sure they would be quite full up afterwards.

    If you don’t want a beef burger there is also a shrimp cutlet version!

    Crisp burger?

    I’m sure you are not surprised by now that this next creation is again thanks to Lotteria, they really like experimenting with burgers! These two burgers on offer contain crinkle cut crisps made by Calbee. The two options are the Salad Chicken Potato Chip Burger and the Zeppin Cheese Potato Chip Burger. These burgers go on sale soon in Japan!
    Well, if you visit Japan be sure to keep your eyes open for surprising food mash ups! You might even like them.