Back to childhood: edible chocolate pencils and paints!

  • The design firm Nendo led by the Maison & Objet Designer of the Year Sato Oki, with the concept of “Giving people a small “!” moment” through their designs, back in 2007, Nendo created chocolate-pencils as a collaboration project with the Japanese patisserie Tsujiguchi Hironobu.


    The world famous patisserie Tsujiguchi Hironobu and Nendo collaborated to create these chocolate-pencils. The chocolate-pencils add an exciting aspect to the plate of cake. With the idea of “painting on a canvas” with these chocolate-pencils. The chocolate-pencils come in a variety of chocolate blends that are in various shades of colours that the people eating the cakes can shave on to their meals. These chocolate-pencils are very innovative in the sense that they change the role of pencil shavings. Usually, pencil shavings are unwanted byproducts of sharpening your pencil, but with the chocolate-pencils you can not only eat the pencil whole (I would be tempted to) but you can shave the pencils onto the pastry or dessert to transform your desert into something a little more aesthetically pleasing and exciting.


    Created in 2013 by the design firm Nendo, the 12 piece chocolate-paint sets are 100% edible. Instead of plastic, the tubes are made from chocolate and the paint inside of the tubes are replaced by various flavours of syrup or caramel. Each tube comes with a label that indicates the flavour or ‘colour’ of the “paint” and protects your fingers from getting chocolate smeared all over them.
    The flavours are: 01. Caramel 02. Brandy 03. Honey Lemon 04. Vanilla 05. Melon 06. Green Tea 07. Blueberry 08. Grape 09. Strawberry 10. Raspberry 11. Rum (my personal favourite) and finally 12. Coffee.
    Whether you are buying these chocolate art supplies as a gift or as a treat for yourself, they are sure to add a hint of chocolatey goodness to anyone’s day.