Two foreigners have obtained the special skilled visa!

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  • Considering the new Immigration Control Law came into effect earlier this year, and that the examinations for special skilled visa (特定技能ビザ) already started and will continue to be held in the near future (for details, check this!), the Immigration Department has released some optimistic news. According to the Immigration Department, the first two foreigners to be approved were granted the new “Special skills No.1” status on April 26, 2019! This time, both individuals work in the agriculture industry.

    Those two lucky foreigners are two girls from Cambodia. Both had been working as trainees in an agricultural company in Osaka, and they have just completed their 3-year training period. New residence status allows them to continue to live and work in Japan in the same industry but for another company located in Gobo City, Wakayama Prefecture.

    The total number of individuals applying for “Special skills No.1” residence status, and of the legal entities applying for permission to take “Special skills No.1” employees has reached 1176 as of April 19, 2019. Among them, 8 cases have been approved and are waiting for the official decision and announcement.

    However, Cookbiz, a recruiting company specialized in the food industry, has published their nationwide survey on the “understanding” level of food companies for special skilled visas. The results show that more than half of the surveyed companies responded “Do not know” or “Only heard the name” when asked about the new residence status. Thus indicating that they have very few information regarding this subject. To be more precise, the survey took place from February 2019 to March 2019, with 158 companies responding via online questionnaires. 27.1% answered “Do not know”, 26.5% “Only heard the name”, 20.5% “Have a certain understanding” and 25.8% are “Consider to be applicable employers”.

    Another thing the survey results shows is that, despite the labor shortage and great interest in recruiting foreigners, small-scale companies in the food industry seem to have few opportunities to recruit and improve their “thirstiness” of their labor.

    We will continue to update information about the new residence status as soon as more official information is released. Please follow us!

    Kyodonews on 26 April 2019
    Kyodonews on 11 May 2019

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