Chigiri Pan: A New Adorable Snack Trend

  • Have you already seen this new type of bread? In Japan it is called “Chigiri Pan” which roughly translates to “tear off bread”. This kind of bread has become extremely popular here as an easy, simple yet very professional looking and great-tasting type of home made bread. Chigiri bread got its name from the fact that you can “tear off” (chigiru) as much as you want from the original square/rectangle and eat it as you like. This shape also makes any ordinary type of bread look even tastier!

    Apparently, by connecting together the pieces of bread and baking it, the dough does not dry out making the bread soft and fluffy. The bread is slightly sweet making it extremely popular with the little kids and it stays soft the next day.

    So basically as you can see from this step by step photo, the key to making chigiri bread is to line up the separate pieces of dough in a square or rectangle and they will stick together when they are in the oven. There are many recipes available for chigiri bread online that you can use to make your own serving of this tasty bread.


    Another amazing thing about the chigiri bread is the fact that you can turn them into perfect cute little sandwiches. These chigiri bread sandwiches would make for a posh, yet easy to make dishes for home parties or little get togethers.

    Character Bread

    Apparently this was made by mixing pumpkin into the dough to make it yellow!


    The faces of Charlie Brown and Snoopy are done with chocolate pen.

    Winnie the Pooh

    This chigiri bread is honey flavoured because of how much Winnie the Pooh loves honey.

    Other than the characters above, there are many others including the Little Green Men from Toy Story, Olaf from Frozen, and Totoro from the Ghibli film “My Neighbor Totoro”.