Seven Stars Cruise Train, Kyushu Like you Have Never Experienced Before

  • I know so many people who have dreamt of traveling in the first class of a luxury plane, enjoying its exceptional services. I agree on the uniqueness of the experience but nevertheless I personally find this a waste of money. Especially because you are only able to appreciate the breathtaking landscapes during the departure and the arrival (and if good meteorological conditions are gathered!). The rest of the time, your room will look like a narrow well-optimized hotel room. Sure above the cloud, but I still feel you will get bored pretty quickly.
    If I want to have this kind of experience, I would rather appreciate my journey all the way to my destination. And even better, I would like my way of transportation to become a destination itself. On those words, I am proud to introduce the jewel of the JR company to you: the Seven Stars Cruise Train. I am also not less proud of that since this fine flower of technology will allow people to know more about this island I have always carried in my heart: Kyushu.


    Inaugurated the 15 October 2013, the Seven Stars cruise train gets its name both from the seven prefectures of Kyushu, alongside with the seven lauded aspects of the region. These include the train system itself, nature, the hot springs, power spots, the region’s history, its cuisine, and the friendliness of Kyushu’s people.
    In another way, you could also see the seven stars as a new system of notation. Knowing that five stars hotels are considered among the best, seven stars for a train could let you imagine what to expect (or actually not!).
    The main idea behind it is to (re) discover Kyushu like you would never do. You will experience a sublime journey on a train that connects the vibrant characteristics of each prefecture as well as the warmth and glowing smiles of the local people. And all of that in parallel of a high quality service and entertainment on board of the train.
    In the cars built with various artisans’ skills and spirit, you will be able to savor phenomenal dishes made with meticulous care by renowned chefs who honor the heritage of their respective regions. More over, you will receive heartwarming hospitality from the locals at each stop with special events prepared only for the passengers of the cruise.
    Each of these experiences will make your journey on the Seven Stars more memorable.

    Exterior of the Train

    As soon as you get in the station, you cannot miss it. This wonderful train wearing the gold Seven Stars emblem against the royal wine red of the train cars will stands out among its “brothers”. Definitively, the first glance at it will tell you you are about to enter in a whole new universe, a universe of dreams.

    Train Composition

    The Seven Stars Train is, as you could guess, composed of seven cars. The two first ones named Blue Moon and Jupiter are respectively a lounge car and a dining car. Then, you will find four cars of Guest room Suites (each car is composed of three suites). And finally a last car composed of two Guest room Deluxe Suites.

    Lounge Car “Blue Moon”

    “Blue moon” is a saloon on wheels where you can wind down during the day. You will enjoy a bar where you can sip some delightful drinks at night, while listening to live piano performances in a modern Japanese atmosphere. Also, you will be able to admire the starry sky and other wonderful landscapes Kyushu has to offer through the panoramic windows. This space out of time is perfect to relax with other passengers or in solo.

    Dining Car “Jupiter”

    Here is the car where you will savor your dishes, exclusive to each journey on the Cruise Train. Each meal is prepared with care by Kyushu’s master chefs with seasonal ingredients. Your dining experience here is sure to make your trip even more exceptional.

    Guess Room Suites

    All 14 guest compartments on the Seven Stars in Kyushu are suites, exclusively furnished for just 14 pairs of guests. The fusions of Japanese and Western, new and old concepts permeate the interior throughout, and each of the fine wood and textile pieces that fill the decor has been specially selected. This meticulous attention to every detail creates an exquisitely classy space for a truly relaxing time on board the Seven Stars.

    Four cars are separated into 3 Suite Rooms each, where guests will experience quality rest and the finest hospitality. Each room is equipped with a shower, toilet, and air conditioning. Special functions unique to this train will provide you with satisfying sleep.

    Nevertheless, only two exclusive Deluxe Suites are available on this train. Furnished according to different designs, they share the same keyword: comfort. Various pieces of Japanese-style furniture are placed throughout the spacious and elegant space. The room at the end of the last car (Deluxe Suite A) boasts a wall-to-wall window, through which you can enjoy the passing landscape.

    Plans Available, How to Book and Price

    Plans Available

    To enjoy this beautiful journey, you have basically two different plans available to you. A four-day plan or a two-day one. And for each of them, there are available at the period autumn-winter and spring-summer.
    Thanks to the four-day journey, you will be transported to five out of the seven prefectures of Kyushu: Fukuoka, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Kumamoto. The plan includes a one-night stay at a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) at Yufuin City, which is one of the best onsen (hot spring) resorts on the island. With the two-day journey, you will visit the northern Kyushu, which is composed of the four prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto.

    Price and How to Book

    This is the fateful moment, how much costs this incredible experience.
    For the four-day tour, the price starts from ¥630,000 per person (approximately $5,400 USD). Regarding the two-day itinerary, fairs start at ¥300,000 per person (approximately $2,550 USD). However, because of high demand and few rooms, you will have to fill an application here, which is opened only during a certain period of time. So as soon as it opens, jump on it to have your chance because tickets are sold quite quickly.

    It is definitely not something we can afford every day, but if you have to mark the occasion with your partner, consider getting on this wonderful cruise. The experience will be imprinted for life, I guarantee it.

    For more information, please directly visit the official website.