Did you know the top five Japanese YouTubers ?

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  • First let’s get to know some crazy YouTube facts. Did you know that around 300 hours of videos are uploaded in YouTube every minute. They get around 30 million visitors per day and on average, around 5 billion of videos are being watched daily on the YouTube platform. Mind blowing, right?
    As YouTube has grown in popularity worldwide, it has also gained huge fame in Japan.

    YouTubers in Japan are catering a very large section of audience with various genres such as comedy, drama, vlogs, podcast, gaming etc.

    They are receiving millions of views and influence their audience in so many ways. As a foreigner, some might not be that familiar with the latest popular Japanese YouTube channels and the most prominent reason for it, is the difference in language.

    However, following these channels will not only make you aware of the Japanese pop culture, but will also help you to improve your Japanese language skills. Hopefully, I got your attention and you’re now looking forward to become more familiar with the top followed Japanese YouTube channels in Japan.
    Below I will list you the most popular top five YouTubers in Japan, so take this opportunity and check them out!

    Subscribers: 4 million

    His original name is Riku Horiuchi and has been active on YouTube since 2013 as SUSHI RAMEN (Riku). The channel’s name came from his to favorite dishes: sushi and ramen and has a total of views that go up to approximately 800 million!
    The main content on his channel are experimental videos and now, he also has a sub channel called Sushi Ramen (すしらーめん) 2nd, which boasts of not less than 800,000 subscribers.

    His video Flying in the air with an Umbrella|Science Experiment is one I definitely recommend watching!

    Subscribers : 5.2 million

    Her channel name goes by her real name. Her contents are mainly focused on eating. However, let me clarify this, she takes eating to the next level.! She films herself eating videos and sometimes does live session, answering the subscribers’questions, a popular genre also known as mukbang(Q&As while eating).

    Her videos have more than 1.8 billion views in total and she’s also known for having starred in a Japanese TV program called “Ogui”(大食い) which literally translates as “heavy eater”. Since her videos are accompanied by English subtitles, she has gained popularity not only in Japan, but other foreign countries,too.
    Super Spicy Korean Ramen | 4515kcal

    Subscribers: 5.5 million

    They are the group of seven members and the group was actually formed on the graduation day of their junior high school. Their video content is mostly a mix of adventure and comedy. Fischer’s do indoor, outdoors and even go abroad for adventures to capture their amazing experiences in videos and share everything with us. Besides that, they also upload gaming and food vlogs.

    Their videos are super fun to watch and have around 7 billion views in total. Recently they started their series on YouTube Originals called “Fischer’s and the Lost Treasure”. You should definitely check it out!
    The Beginning | Fischer’s and the Lost Treasure

    Subscribers: 7.3 million

    He is the second most followed YouTuber in Japan and is the founding member of UUUM, which is a YouTuber management production company . His real name is Kaihatsu Hikaru and he is famous for comedy videos and various challenges.

    His other channel called Hikakin Games has a whopping 4.2 million subscribers! With almost 6 billion total views, this guy is a popular figure in the Japanese YouTube media.


    Subscribers: 7.9 million

    Here is the most subscribed YouTuber in Japan. He is also known as the “King of comedy Japanese YouTube media” and is famous for comedy sketches and challenges. His real name is Hajime Eda.

    He is also a part of Uuum and has equal popularity on Twitter, occupying the fifth rank with the largest followers in Japan. He also has his new show on YouTube Originals called “The Fake Show”.

    Check it out here.Ep 1 Who Are You? | The Fake Show

    Hopefully, you’ll love my recommendations and if you discover or want to recommend us more Japanese Youtubers we didn’t mention, comment down below and also share your opinion with us regarding our top list of youtubers in Japan.