Experience Beppu Like-no-other! (in Oita Prefecture)

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  • If you are in Beppu in the middle of summer season, under the heat, feeling confused as if hot springs are your only choice or not, look no further, because below are some better ways for you to enjoy your summer stay in Beppu!!!

    1. Beppu Global Towers (Architecture)

    Beppu Global Tower is a precious symbol tower of Beppu, it shows how clever and professional the Japanese architectures are. Located behind the B-con Plaza, around 20 minutes walking or 5 minutes by Kamenoi bus from Beppu Station. Get yourself an entrance ticket and you will be able to enjoy the fascinating scenery of Beppu from the height of 125m.

    After getting yourself a ticket, you should go straight to the 3rd floor, which is the first floor of the observation platform, from the 3rd floor you can go up to 4th by stairs. The observation deck brings you the panoramic and breath-taking views of the entire Beppu city, from Kannawa-Onsen area to the residential and other areas, as well as some shops.

    How to get there by walk from Beppu Station:

    How to get there by Kamenoi bus:
    get on bus no.3 (170yen – get off at ‘B-con Plaza Mae’ bus stop) at Beppu Station West Exit
    Entrance fee:
    Adult (High school students and older)/300yen, Children/200yen. Group discount (10 or more): Adult/200yen, Children/100yen
    Opening hours:
    March ~ November: 09:00 ~ 21:00. December ~ February: 09:00 ~ 19:00

    2. Beppu Projects (Arts, lifestyles)

    Beppu Project is a non-profit art organization based in Beppu, they have been actively working for quite a long time here but recently, with the participation from foreign artists and young supporters, Beppu Project is becoming well-known thanks to everyone’s support! Their spectacular artworks, such as “Platform project”, and annual Contemporary Art Festivals, as well as permanent artworks in public space with the cooperation from ‘Artist-in-Residence’ and foreign artists, now have institutions worldwide. As summer is here, Beppu Project along with Summer Festivals have been holding many events monthly, the most recent one being the contemporary art “Mixed Bathing World”. They even have a small multi-brand store called “Select Beppu” that sells Beppu’s artistic publications about past events and promotes local goods. Go to the store and you can find all kinds of information related to Beppu art events’ schedules, flyers, merchandise by artists, and especially about local goods from very famous brands such as Spica Beppu, Oita Made, and etc.

    Art Events Schedules, Information, Store access:

    Facebook: BEPPU PROJECT/
    Instagram: @selectbeppu

    3. Beppu Delicacy Sweets and Coffee shops

    If you will/ or has come to Select Beppu store, you will see they have many flyers promoting Beppu Gourmet, in which many delish bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants are waiting for you to discover and try them all. One more advantageous thing is they are located near each other on the shopping Beppu Ginza street, near Beppu Station and Kitahama area. I bet you should jot down these names because they are all great! Everything there is worth trying and very Beppu-ish!!!


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    *All the coffee shops and restaurants are marked purple!
    The list is so long that you will never get bored exploring Beppu’s cuisine life.
    At the meantime, if you cannot get to “Select Beppu” to get a golden ticket – Gourmet flyer, visit Living The Food Life In Beppu for address and interesting reviews, also their blog posts.

    I’m sure that Beppu has a lot more than just hot springs and onsen, it has both peaceful and lively sides, and I can guarantee that you will never get bored when exploring Beppu in a non-traditional way!!