16 children severely injured and 3 deaths in the stabbing rampage Kawasaki Park Japan

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  • Today, 28th of May, 2019 another tragedy involving children has occurred in Tama Ward, Kawasaki City, Japan after 16 elementary school children were stabbed and injured in the morning while waiting for their school bus to get them to the Caritas Elementary School(カリタス小学校).

    According to the police, 16 children were injured and one of girl, was confirmed dead. The man that was confirmed to be the culprit stabbed himself in the neck and has also died in the hospital. The Japanese police is further investigating the case.

    by cinnamonellie

    Information regarding the incident: What happened?

    At around 7:45 this morning, the Japanese police reported an incident which involved children near a park in Kawasaki city, 13 of the children from the 16 persons were girls and it was reported lately that one of the girls from the 6th grade has,unfortunately, passed away.

    Other three people, including the children, suffered serious injuries and everyone seemed confused as everything happened so sudden, many ambulances and police officers being seen after the incident , news reporting what happened, everything still being unclear and people waiting for updates.

    Who is the culprit?

    A man reported to be in his 50s from Kawasaki was caught, but after, stabbed himself in the neck with a knife and died at the hospital.
    The police found two knives at the crime scene and attempted murder is suspected, however they are still investigating.

    The people injure in the incident were transported to 4 different hospitals in Kawasaki City and according to St. Marianna Medical University Hospital where the man in his 50s was transported, around 10:38 his death was confirmed due to cardiopulmonary attack.

    More about the injured and reports from the Hospitals

    Also 3 girls and one woman in her 40s have an open cut on their chest and are in a serious condition. The will be transferred to intensive care after surgery.

    The Shin-Yurigaoka Hospital has has 5 girls being treated that were carried between 8:40-9:55.

    Another group of five girls with ages between 6-12 were rescued and carried to Kawasaki Tama Hospital around 9 am.

    Nippon Musashi Kosugi Hospital has 4 people transported and among them one man, reported dead and one elementary school girl with serious injuries, being treated at the emergency center.

    The incident took place in a residential area, about 200 m from the Noborito station near a park and according to the residents, a bus arrives every morning at the bus stop where kids gather everyday to go to the school.

    Caritas Elementary School

    The Caritas Elementary school children are always picked up by the bus and head to the school and this is exactly what happened this morning when the unfortunate incident happened at the bus stop.

    The Caritas Elementary school is a private institution in the Tama Ward, Kawasaki City with approximately 51 teachers and 648 students and is the only catholic school in Kawasaki.

    According to the bus driver, a man came out of the convenience store carrying a knife and suddenly started stabbing the children that were trying to get on the bus.
    Stains of blood can be seen all over the area and parents rushing over to see if their children are all right.

    It is very sad to see that the chain of tragedies involving children in Japan still continues and hopefully, no more deaths will be reported.
    Stay with us for more updates regarding the incident.