Get some Sugar Rush: 3 Recommended Sweet Shops in Tokyo

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  • Craving for something sweet? Don’t worry, Japan, and especially Tokyo, has it all! For whatever occasion or reason, here are some of the places which you might want to visit if you’re in dire need of something sweet in the area.

    Takano Fruit Parlour and Fruit Bar

    Located in the north of Tokyo Metro’s Shinjuku Sanchome Station is a fruits parlor shop known as Takano Fruits Parlour and Fruits Bar. Get ready to step inside a pinkberry-like interior. Almost everything has pink accents in it! It will surely add up to your sweet tooth craving.

    Takano Fruit Parlour Pafério serves fruits with a hearty portion of whipped cream and sweet toppings. There is a variety of desserts served. What keeps customers coming back is the rotation of desserts’ menu. It serves special limited desserts depending on the time. You might want to check out their homepage.


    Higashiya Ginza

    Another amazon sweet shop is located near Tokyo Metro Ginza’s Itchome Station. The shop’s warm wood and sleek glass are well balanced and perfect for the customers who’d want to dine in style. “Wagashi” is the Japanese word for “traditional sweets” and you will surely find plenty of them here! Take out options are available as well.


    Marion Crepes

    If you’re looking to try the most popular sweets in Harajuku, why not head to Marion Crepes. It is said that Marion Crepes started as a moving food truck back in 1976. Originally a French food, crepes are thin pancakes which are made from wheat flour. Everything is customizable in Marion Crepes, you can choose toppings from strawberries, cheesecakes, ice creams, whipped creams, sprinkles and a lot more!


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