What to Buy at Don Quijote: from Cosmetics to Snacks

  • Don Quijote a.k.a Donki, is undeniably one of the most popular stores in Japan and most likely on most tourists “must visit” list.
    For those who are unfamiliar with Don Quijote, it is the biggest discount store in Japan with products ranging from cosmetics and snacks to household appliances and medicine.

    Today, I’d like to introduce and recommend a number of products from Donki that I have on my “must buy” list whenever I visit Japan.

    1. Bioré, Sara Sara Body Powder Sheets

    As someone who attends school in Texas, being sticky and sweaty is something I’ve accepted that I’ll have to deal with until I leave the South.
    However, these convenient super easy-to-use fresh powder sheets really help reduce the stickiness with just one swipe.
    These sheets are really hard to explain, but it has a powdery wet wipes feeling when you first take them out of the vinyl container they’re in, and once you wipe your sweaty arms with it, it leaves a very cool, powdery, and fresh feeling without any residue.
    They come in packaging often with pictures of what scent it is, so keep in mind before you buy some!

    2. Shiseido Eyelash Curler

    Because I have extremely straight and stiff eyelashes, after years of walking the path called “which curler can keep my eyelashes curled”, a friend recommended that I try using the Shiseido Eyelash Curler – which I have now been sticking to for 2+ years now. The length of the curler fits the size of my eyes, are rounded perfectly, and really keep my eyelashes curled literally all day.
    After purchasing these, I was able to learn that Asian beauty vloggers literally worship this particular eyelash curler.
    The package comes with an refill rubber covers, however, you can purchase additional rubber covers in a set for a several more yen.

    3. Kiss Me Heroine Liquid Eye Liner

    Whenever I visit Japan, I always buy at least a few months supply of this eyeliner. Not only is it extremely easy to use due to its super sharp and thin point, but it is smudge proof, water proof, sweat proof, and tear proof- believe me, I’ve watched the Avengers: Endgame in this eyeliner and it didn’t budge a bit.
    They have 2 colors from what I know, jet black and brown – however, I recommend both colors.

    4. Kao MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

    Another product that I buy in boxes whenever I visit from Japan.
    With a large variety of scents (unscented, lavender, chamomile, rose, yuzu) this eye mask gently covers your eyes and releases a comfortable warm steam, letting your eyes rest a bit from hours of staring at a screen, mobile device, or simply from a long tiring day.
    I prefer using the eye masks before I go to bed since the warmth lasts for about 20 minutes, and the calming scent helps me fall asleep faster, and helps me wake up feeling more relaxed.

    5. Kit Kat

    Matcha, Sake, Strawberry Cheese Cake, and even Wasabi.. The list of flavors for Japanese Kit Kats are probably never ending.
    Though most of these flavors are a bit sweeter than the plain old regular red packaged kit kats, if you’re already in Japan why not buy a bag each as a part of the experience?
    I haven’t been able to try all the flavors either, however, as of now my favorite flavor is Matcha – Don Quijote has an incredible collection at their Kit Kat corner so don’t miss out on the fun!

    6. Kororo

    You either love these gummies or you hate them.
    The texture of these gummies could be really weird at first, but you’ll definitely be reaching for another bag before you even know it.
    These gummies are rich with flavor, super soft, and somewhat fun to eat.
    Flavors range from strawberry, purple grapes, and green grapes – however, I like to stick to the green grapes.
    To better explain these gummies, they are round gummies with a thin outer layer that pops when you start chewing on them.
    Like I’ve said before, you either love them or hate them – but you’ll never know until you try them out!

    7. Kanebo Suisai

    This super popular cleansing powder in Japan has won many beauty awards, and is the most convenient thing ever.
    This white powder is in a tiny hexagon shaped capsule and are so easy to carry around, especially when you’re going to the gym, traveling, or a business trip and you don’t want to carry your whole bottle of facial cleanser around.
    This product not only removes excess sebum, but it also exfoliates and really makes your skin clear, soft, bright and firm.
    I especially love this product not only because it’s so easy to carry around when I travel, but it also doesn’t have a strong fragrance to it at all.

    8. LuLuLun Face Masks

    As a big fan of face masks, using masks at least 4 times a day can get somewhat pricey sometimes.
    However, LuLuLun – who’s brand concept is to offer high quality beauty ingredients to every woman at a reasonable price, offers numerous types of face masks that come in cute packaging for very low prices. For example, 7 masks are often sold for the price of around 300 yen!
    If you are a big fan of facemasks like me, definitely check LuLuLun out! They even offer boxes where there are 32 pcs inside.

    These are only a few personal recommendations from all the stuff that Don Quijote has to offer.
    Because the store is often a few stories tall with so much fun and cool products, I definitely recommend that one does a bit of research before visiting – just to know what products you should be keeping an eye out for.

    Also, for tourists who purchase 5000 Yen or more, you are eligible to visit the tax-free counter where staff who are fluent in English and Chinese can help you with the tax exemption process – however, if you go through this process, you will not be able to open anything or use the products you have purchased until you are out of Japan, so please keep this in mind!

    This process requires the receipt and your passport, so make sure you have all of these on you.

    For more information on the tax free process, please visit here.
    To see if there is a store location around you, please visit here.