5 Cheap Tech Items You can Buy at Daiso Shops!

  • Whether you’re visiting Japan for business or pleasure, chances are you’ll likely only have a limited supply of personal affects you’ve brought with you. Adjusting to your stay in Japan may be difficult if you’re used to working on a desktop computer at work or driving your own car. Thankfully, there’s a number of small chain stores in Japan dedicated to helping answer people’s needs on a budget. Here are 5 tech-related items that can help your stay in Japan that you can find at Daiso, one of many such “100 Yen Stores” found throughout Japan.

    Car Chargers

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    While it may be common to walk or take public transport to your destination in Japan, sometimes you may need to travel by car to get places. Keep your phone healthy by keeping a car charger handy. Unlike in the United States where replacement chargers can be overpriced making it an inconvenience to purchase quickly, here in Japan they’re available at Daiso for as little as just ¥200, or about $2.

    Mouse Pads

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    Keep your mouse and wrists in peak condition with some cheaply available mousepads from Daiso. You probably brought over a laptop with you to Japan so you can stay on top of e-mails or just have something to distract yourself with on the flight over, but you might have a hard time adjusting to various desk positions while in Japan. If you’re not careful sore wrists can quickly give you aches and pains, so it’s better to preserve your mouse and wrists health by using a mousepad. This will reduce the amount of friction on your mouse as you move it around, and the raised surface will help support your wrist position. Practice good posture abroad with these helpful desk mousepads.

    Phone Cases

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    Cuteness alert! Japan is no stranger to decking out your smartphone with colorful designs, and the selection at Daiso is no exception to these rules. If you’re traveling in Japan for the first time, you’ve probably noticed how much Japanese people use their smartphones when getting around by foot or on the train. While transit in Japan is generally very hassle-free, sometimes you’ll just swing the wrong way on a train and lose your grip on your phone. If you want to avoid the heartache of a cracked screen, make sure to get a case to protect your phone. Daiso has many different cases for different phone models, but the highlights have to be the LINE Creators Stamp collection, which feature some cute character decals from the ubiquitous Japanese social media app.

    Bike Locks

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    Renting a bicycle in Japan can be a fun way to exercise and get around, but it’s important to think about your security. Despite Japan’s reputation as a country with a low crime rate, bicycle theft is a common crime, with as many as over 50,000 bikes reported stolen in Tokyo in 2014. I once heard a proverb “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, which definitely applies here in this case. Buying a low-cost bike lock at a store like Daiso is definitely worth staving off the possibility of losing your bike.

    CD Care

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    Be Kind, Re-Wipe! Whether it’s a favorite movie, a fun game, or important work, it’s important to keep your discs in good condition. Thankfully, Daiso has a whole shelf of items for your CD needs. If you need to safely store and move CDs, there’s cases for a variety of disk types. Keeping CDs clean is also easy with cheap sprays and wipes.

    Shops like Daiso really show why Japan’s convenience stores and supermarkets are the envy of the world over. Regardless of where you are in Japan, finding a store like Daiso can be a lifesaver in getting you an important item you forgot to pack or just help make your daily life more convenient.