4 Cute Styles of Japanese Mascot Pens at Daiso

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  • Can you resist cheap cute Japanese goods? Neither can we! Daiso, Japan’s most famous dollar store, is full of trinkets and treats for casual lifestyle use. One item you will see many Japanese people pick up are Mascot Pens. These are normal ballpoint pens except they have a giant themed figure on the end! Not only are they are convenient, but they are also so, so cute! Pick up one of these pens near the entrance of Daiso when you visit Japan!

    1. Sushi Style

    You may not want to touch your food, but these sushi-themed sushi pens are too delicious to resist! The three varieties shown here are salmon, ikura (salmon eggs), and shrimp, respectively. With this pen you will remember all of the delicious Japanese cuisine you ate during your time in Japan.

    2. Sumo Style

    Don’t fear pressing on the sumo wrestlers, you can’t knock them over! These pens come in red or blue with each striking different stances. The blue sumo is happy and the red sumo is mad, so why not be balanced like the sumo and pick both?

    3. Daruma Style

    If you need a little bit of good luck every time you put your pen to paper, the Daruma Style is for you! These cute golden talismans sitting atop a wavy blue and white pen are sure to be the “Zen” Japanese gift you are looking for.

    4. Lantern Style

    If these pens remind you of Japanese festivals, you are right! Chōchin, or traditional Japanese lanterns, can frequently be seen during Japanese holidays and festivals. The writing on the left chōchin pen says “many customers,” and the writing on the right chōchin pen says “festival.” If you are looking to remember a Japanese festival you visited, this is the perfect gift for you.

    *Featured Image: Author’s Photo