5 Odd yet Fun finds from Daiso

  • If you walk around Japan, you’ve most likely noticed a store with pink letters reading “Daiso”. So what is Daiso? Daiso can easily be described as one of the most popular stores in Japan where almost everything is sold at ¥100 (¥108 with tax), unless stated otherwise – basically the dollar store of Japan.

    However, what amazes me the most whenever I stop by Daiso is the huge variety of products they carry, along with the high quality of their products. According to their website, they currently have around 2,800 stores in Japan and have a range of over 100,000 products, which includes everything from stationary to cosmetics to home goods and snacks and even electronics!

    While most tourists probably purchase “kawaii” products that will remind them of their visit to Japan, or cool snacks that they can later brag about to their friends, today I visited Daiso to find and introduce some “odd” yet fun products.

    1. Face Trainer

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    This is the first product I grabbed off the shelves. As soon as I saw it I knew this had to be mentioned in the “odd yet fun” category.

    Basically this tool is a “face trainer” for “people who want to exercise their face muscles more” and comes in two colors, pink and blue; pink is regular strength while blue is stronger.

    After a bit of research, I was able to find what this trainer is exactly for. While I thought it was an exercise device for those who wanted to maybe get rid of their double chin or accentuate their jawline, it was actually a device that helps you exercise the muscles around your mouth and lips and helps them form a natural smile, even when you aren’t smiling.

    According to the reviews I’ve read about this product, most people bought this because they think “people with naturally rising lip corners have an image that they are constantly smiling and seem to have more friends” and wanted to achieve a more friendly look.

    Though I haven’t tested out this product yet, I’ll definitely have to try it soon and see if I have any immediate results.

    2. Placenta Moisturizing Serum

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    Yup, you read that right. Placenta Moisturizing Serum. I guess this falls under the odd category, but my friends and I definitely had a good laugh along with many questions like “Why?” and “Is there actual placenta in there?”.
    According to the product description, this “anti-aging moisturizing essence / serum contains placenta extract for skin nourishment and helps avoid dryness, and gives you a moisture rich feel after used.” So yes, it does contain placenta, but unfortunately I was not able to find whether it’s human placenta or extracted from animals.
    Surprisingly, the reviews for this product are extremely good – with people saying they’ve only used it for a several days but are already seeing incredible results.
    Will I buy this and use it? Probably not, but if you are brave enough… You should definitely try it out.

    3. Chair Leg Foot Covers

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    An item that I should buy for my upstairs neighbors back at home haha. Anyways, my friend actually showed me this item while we were exploring Daiso – and when she first held it up I thought they were baby socks and let out an “AWWEE”, and got even more excited when she said they were socks for chairs!
    This is honestly something I feel like everyone should own, especially if they live in an apartment!

    4. Food Shaped Erasers

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    So odd yet so fun and cute!!!!! Honestly, I don’t get the point of making food shaped erasers since they’re going to become unrecognizable once they’re used, but who cares, it’s so cute!

    I personally think this could be a great souvenir or even a great gift for friends that are back home, especially if you could find some that are made into the shape of Japanese food! Although they’re only ¥100, it doesn’t look cheap at all and actually have great detail to them. You can see each grain of rice in the fried rice and the dumplings and noodles have amazing detail to them too. If you don’t want to use them, I suggest even starting a small collection!

    5. Chopstick Support

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    A lot of my friends back home, and even some in Japan that I’m currently staying with, struggle with using chopsticks and always end up using forks – especially when it comes to eating noodles. With this item, everyone can become a master in chopsticks!
    Odd looking at first glance, you use these help devices by sliding in your own chopsticks, then by putting your fingers inside the rubber holes, and grabbing it as shown in the pictures. The little animal characters on the support grips are so cute, and I’m sure these would be able to help improve one’s chopstick skills a lot!

    Though I wasn’t able to go through everything at Daiso, these were definitely some items that were able to catch my attention.
    Since it’s rainy season in Japan, if you’re stuck indoors for the day I definitely recommend that you go to the nearest Daiso and check out what cool items they have! I guarantee you’ll end up staying longer than planned!