Experience the World of Attack on Titan in This Thrilling VR Ride!

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  • A growing attraction in theme parks around the world are VR rides that immerse the audience in an intense, visceral story. From diving into oceans to flying through space, virtual reality rides are using advancing technologies to let audiences experience more. VR is just as popular in Japan as you’ll find in the United States: many arcades have “VR booth” attractions, and “Virtual YouTubers” have gone viral on the internet.
    But the highest-quality VR experience in Japan has to be the hexaRide. First installed in Tokyo’s Diver City in late 2018, the hexaRide offers one of the most intense virtual reality rides you’ll experience. Developed by Brogent, a company which has developed multiple virtual reality ride series previously, hexaRide is their first to offer a full audio and visual experience. In creating the ride attractions, Brogent partnered with Kodansha Comics to bring some of their biggest franchises into the world of virtual reality: Attack on Titan and Ghost in the Shell.

    Attack on Titan: The Collapsing Tower

    Experience the incredible action of Attack on Titan from a VR perspective! As you’re introduced to the scenario after you’ve put on your VR headset and headphones, you’ll feel the power of the hexaRide chassis as you’re propelled through the air as if you’re really using the mobility gear. The story for this ride is based on the events that took place at Utgard Castle, as numerous Titans swarm around the central tower in the dead of night. Join the scouting regiment in the counterattack against the Titans, as your VR headset renders the scene with a full 360 degree view, letting you view many parts of the battle while moving around. The sensation is intense, and I found myself breaking out in a sweat from the VR sensation, but the end result was an extremely fun and memorable viewing experience.

    Ghost in the Shell: Ghost Chaser


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    A recurring theme in Shriou Masamune’s manga Ghost in the Shell is how people live and interact with a futuristic world full of advanced technology. Now you can experience the world of New Toyko in first person as you follow the cyberized police squad Section 9 as they fend off a terrorist attack on a politician’s motorcade . In true Ghost in the Shell fashion, the perspective during Ghost Chaser changes between the members of Section 9 during the operation; cruise along an abandoned highway as the childlike Logikoma, then take aim behind the scope of the sniper Saito’s rifle. Throughout the ride you can feel the intense sensation of gunfire, crashing vehicles, and deep dives into cyberspace. If you’re a fan of cyberpunk futures and intense actions films, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to ride the hexaRide. You can see how active the hexaRide can become during the story in the tweet below.

    Do you like VR? Do you like the intense, deep worlds that make series like Ghost in the Shell and Attack on Titan so popular? hexaRide was designed to fulfill those desires, and introduce Japan to the future of ride technologies. Thanks to the popularity of large anime and film series, Japan has always had a strong interest in rides that can experience these fictional worlds such as Gundam the Ride. Now, hexaRide represents the next step in how audiences can experience action rides of the future. Buckle up, strap in your VR headset, and launch into battle with the Scouting Regiment and Section 9. You can find directions to the hexaRide center in Diver City below.

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