9 Famous Tsukemen Restaurants in Tokyo

  • Of course, ramen is very popular in Japan, but tsukemen is also quite well known.
    Ramen are noodles served together in a soup, while Tsukemen, on the other hand, is enjoyed by dipping separately served noodles into the soup.
    How about trying this healthy alternative to ramen? It is sure to catch you off-guard with its charm.

    Manrai @Shinjuku

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    The simple but deep and sour taste of the soup, served with plenty of meat, will draw you in.

    Japanese notation:満来 @新宿

    endera @Kichijoji

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    The coiling noodles taste amazing with this thick dipping sauce.
    The soup is made from a vegetable base, infused with the flavor of meat and fish.
    The texture of the wheat germs kneaded into the noodles is just outstanding.

    Japanese notation:つけ麺 えん寺 @吉祥寺
    Hours:Weekday 11:00~16:00 17:30~22:00 / Sat. Sun. Holiday 11:00~22:00
    Holiday:New Year’s holiday

    Tetsu @Shibuya

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    This is a famous restaurant with a lot of support.
    The noodles are springy in texture and go down smoothly. The soft slices of roasted pork and the many other ingredients seem to melt in the thick, fish-flavored soup.
    Heated stones are thrown into the soup so as to keep your meal hot until the end.
    Use the skipjack tuna dashi on the table to add a simple flavor to your dish.

    Japanese notation:つけ麺 TETSU @渋谷
    Hours:Sun. to Thur. 11:00〜24:00 / Fri. and Sat. 11:00~30:00

    Machida shiruba Sinka@Machida

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    The tsukemen you find in shops who specialize in shio ramen have a salty taste.
    The thin, straight noodles they use feel smooth and soft.
    The clear dipping sauce the sweetness of white soy sauce turns into a more solid flavor halfway through.

    Japanese notation:町田汁場 進化 @町田
    Hours:Mon.〜Sat. 11:00〜15:00 18:00~21:00 / Sun. Holiday 11:00〜17:00

    Hayashimaru @koenji

    The straight noodles go amazingly well with the seafood soup.

    Japanese notation:はやしまる @高円寺
    Hours:Mon. Thur. and Fri. 11:30~15:30 18:00~22:30 / Tues. 11:30~16:00 / Sat. Sun. and Holiday 11:30~21:00
    Holiday:Wed. second & third Tue.

    Oboroduki @Ginza

    Thick, syrupy soup made from a broth containing seafood and meat.
    Definitely finish the soup even if you are done with the noodles!

    Japanese notation:朧月 @銀座
    Hours:Mon.〜Fri. 11:30~15:30 17:30~22:00 / Sat. Sun. 11:30~15:30 17:00~21:00

    Ajito ism @Oimachi

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    【大井町 ajito ism】 〜つけ麺 ロッソ〜 大井町駅から歩いて5分、路地裏のアジト的な場所にあるお店です!黒を基調としたおしゃれな雰囲気の店内は女性1人でも来られます😌 まるでイタリアンのようなつけ麺🍅チーズ、バジル、トマト、ガーリックが調和して美味しい😋もっちり太麺がトマトスープにしっかり絡みます!〆はリゾットで! おしゃれつけ麺ですね〜 #アジトイズム #ajitoism #大井町つけ麺 #つけ麺ロッソ #イタリアンつけ麺 #東京つけ麺 #つけ麺部 #つけ麺 #麺スタグラム #つけ麺大好き #つけ麺インスタグラマー #つけ麺スタグラム #つけ麺好きな人と繋がりたい

    つけスタグラムさん(@tukestagram)がシェアした投稿 –

    You don’t see this tomato-flavored tsukemen very often in Japan!
    The flavor of tomato might be overwhelming at first, but if you give it a second you will notice the deep aftertaste.

    Japanese notation:アジトイズム @大井町
    Hours:weekday 11:00〜14:30 17:30〜20:00 / Holiday 11:00〜14:30
    Holiday:Sat. and Sun.

    Mamiana @Ikebukuro

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    The noodle’s rich wheat scent will float to your nostrils.
    They have many female customers as well, and are a big contestant on the ramen battleground.

    Japanese notation:狸穴 @池袋


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    You can taste the strong flavor of prawn in this rarely-seen dipping sauce using a prawn base.
    Enjoy the combination of the sauce and the smooth noodles that go down easily.

    Japanese notation:五ノ神製作所 @新宿


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