Best Spots to take pictures of the Tokyo Tower

  • Tokyo
  • If you don’t take pictures with the Tokyo Tower while visiting Tokyo, did you really visit Tokyo? As iconic as the Tokyo Tower is, there are a lot of great spots (including some that are hidden) where you can take pictures with the Tokyo Tower.
    I will also be sharing a “secret” spot where people often line up for hours to get pictures with the Tower!

    1. Zojoji Temple


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    Zojoji Temple stands right next to the Tokyo Tower and makes an amazing place to take pictures. The view of the main hall with the tower behind it shows the harmony and combination of past and present, a beautiful view.
    If you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to catch a view of an ongoing meeting/service held inside the main hall.
    However, please be respectful of the service and do not take pictures or videos.

    2. Shiba Park


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    Established in 1873, Shiba Park is one of the oldest parks in Japan. If you want Instagram worthy pictures, I definitely recommend that you visit the area around the base of Tokyo Tower or the park’s promenade where you can enjoy the view of lined-up trees with the tower in the back. Also, if you have the time I recommend that you take a small picnic blanket and maybe even a bento to the park and enjoy the view of the tower.
    Don’t forget to pick up after yourself though!

    3. Tokyo Shiba Toufuya Ukai


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    This is the secret spot that I am so excited to share with everyone! Right across this Tofu restaurant is a stairway entrance to an underground parking lot. This stairway is the best place for photos: you can sit on the stairways or the railings with the tower in the background. On a sunny day, the contrast between the blue sky and the red tower is extremely beautiful and at night when the lights come on – though it’ll probably be extremely hard to see your face in the picture, the white-based color defining the tower against the night sky is so beautiful. However, the lights turn off around midnight so make sure to checkout the tower before then!

    4. World Trade Center


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    One of Tokyo’s earliest skyscrapers and best observatories in Tokyo, the World Trade Center’s observation deck is located on the 40th floor and offers a breathtaking view of Tokyo Tower.
    The deck gives a 360 degree view of the city below and thanks to its central location, the building even offers views of Kyu Shiba Rikyu garden, Tokyo Bay, subways and shinkansens passing by and so much more!

    As well as viewing the Tokyo Tower from a distance and taking a picture with/of it is beautiful, it is definitely worth going up to the observatory and getting a full panoramic view of Tokyo too!