Top 10 Best Food Selections at 7-Eleven

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  • Convenience stores reign supreme in Japan. With at least two on every street, you can’t walk a block without passing by at least one. The convenience stores here are nothing like ones anywhere else in the world, especially not like the ones in the U.S. Here, convenience stores are extremely nice, and have exceptional food. You won’t find any greasy hot-dogs on rollers, you’ll find tons of other choices that are far better.

    However, there is one convenience store that is superior to them all. 7-Eleven, in my opinion, is the best convenience store, here in Japan. With delicious food, satisfying snacks, and everything in between I can find almost anything to satisfy my cravings.

    I have to admit, I’ve eaten at 7-eleven for lunch almost every other day for two weeks now. It’s inexpensive and it’s good, perfect for a quick lunch during work. Since I’ve eaten there so much, I’ve compiled a list of the best lunches and snacks to get there.

    10. Matcha Marshmellow Chocolate

    This is something you definitely can’t find in the U.S. It’s sweet and crunch and only cost ¥150 ($1.50)! I’ll be bringing this back home for all my friends to try.

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    9. Shrimp Gratin Pasta

    Super filling, and great for lunch or dinner. It’s a pretty standard pasta but goes above and beyond my initial expectations of what convenience food tastes like.

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    8. Matcha Cookie

    There are so many matcha flavored things to get in Japan, but this cookie is by far one of my favorites. Sadly it only comes in packs of 1 cookie each, but with it being so cheap you can buy three of them for less than $5.

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    7. Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich

    Fish here is really fresh, even in a convenient store. This is the sandwich I get when I’m craving something creamy and cheesy. It doesn’t taste processed at all and it pretty healthy too.

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    Who would have thought you could get pancakes in a convenient store? Well in 7-Eleven actually has a pretty good selection of baked goods! They will even heat up the pancakes for you after your purchase.

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    5. Tiramisu

    Since I’m an adult and can eat dessert whenever I want, all the time is a good time to eat dessert. So When I’m craving dessert this tiramisu is the perfect way to satisfy the craving.

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    4. Onigiri

    It’s a classic Japanese breakfast and snack. Simply just rice with fish or chicken in the center and it’s so good. It’s perfect in the morning on my way to work or when I need a snack that will fill me up.

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    3. Blueberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich

    This is my ultimate go-to breakfast at 7-eleven. Packed with two sandwiches it’s really filling in the mornings. I usually like sweet and fruity things for breakfast so this sandwich is perfect.

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    2. Spaghetti

    When I’m craving a meal that reminds me of home this is it. While it’s not as good as my mom’s spaghetti, it is still a hearty and satisfying lunch or dinner.

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    1. Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

    Hands down, the best treat I’ve found to eat in all of Japan. I’m seriously addicted to these ice cream sandwiches. I get one every single day! It’s the perfect combo of crunchy, ice creamy, and chocolatey you could ever find! I don’t know what I will do when I get back to the U.S. and I can’t have them.

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