Fun Things to do at DECKS, Tokyo’s Seaside Mall on Odaiba!

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  • Odaiba Island, one of many such artificial islands constructed in Tokyo Bay, is a popular travel destination for tourists looking to explore Tokyo. Traveling to the island is an attractive sight, as visitors can observe scenic buildings such as the FujiTV offices and Tokyo Big Sight as they cross over the bay onto the island. However, because the main visitor area of the island is so densely packed with places to visit such as various shopping malls, restaurants, and even museums, it can be challenging for first-time visitors to decide where to go, but we’ve been all around Odaiba and can tell what are the best spots to check out. Today we’ll be looking at DECKS Tokyo Beach, a large mall and entertainment complex located only meters away from Tokyo Bay.



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    While SEGA is best known internationally for their line of video game consoles and characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, the company does more than just games in Japan. They own a number of theme parks across the country, like Joypolis, a bright and colorful indoor amusement center showcasing a variety of fun rides and experiences. The park boasts over 20 ride attractions, which include VR games, spinning coaster rides, and themed coaster experiences. While Odaiba Island doesn’t have an outdoor theme park like other parts of Tokyo such as Tokyo Dome City, the exciting rides found here make Joypolis a unique travel destination for thrill-seekers in Japan. If your Tokyo trip itinerary includes theme parks like Disney Sea and Hanayashiki, don’t miss the chance to visit Joypolis, one of the largest indoor theme parks in Japan!

    Showa Choma Playland Arcade

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    Take a trip back in time when you step inside this colorful restoration of a showa-era arcade. Whether you have an interest in games or just want to take a break from walking around Odaiba, this arcade is a novel experience in the midst of Odaiba’s futurist atmosphere. There’s all kinds of games you can find here that you won’t see in a typical Japanese arcade, from pinball machines to boxing punching bags, and even a life-sized version of ‘Pop-up Pirate’! This arcade even has retro pachinko machines for you to try out, though you won’t be winning anything from these. Choma Playland is a great place to visit if you’re interested in this bygone era of Japanese history, where you can take in the unique feeling of retro Japanese culture.

    Takoyaki Museum

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    Take part in Japan’s street food tradition by trying some fried octopus balls, takoyaki at the Takoyaki Museum! While Osaka is known for having the best takoyaki in Japan, the Takoyaki Museum at Decks brings several shops from Osaka to Tokyo for visitors to enjoy. There’s a variety of takoyaki flavors and styles available, from crunchy to creamy and featuring a variety of unusual flavors you might not associate with Japanese foods, like fruits and wine. While there’s many restaurants to be found in the DECKS mall, patrons shouldn’t miss the chance to try out some authentic Osaka-style takoyaki while in Tokyo, for a warm, flavorful experience they won’t soon forget.

    Madame Tussauds

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    Check out some of the most famous figures in the world at this world-renowned wax museum! From movie stars like Tom Cruise to world leaders such as Barack Obama, since 2013 Madame Tussauds has given Japan a taste of the lifelike glamour of its wax models. Visitors can get up close and personal with these figures, and some even let you imitate them by donning their costumes and mimicking their pose. If you’re looking for a funny and unique attraction to mark your trip to Tokyo, Madame Toussads offers a truly photogenic experience.

    Trick Art Museum


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    One quality of modern travel that people like to consider is how attractive visiting spots would look to others on social media. The fun of placing yourself into scenery and sharing with others helps create value by inspiring others to want to take part in the action. At the Tokyo Trick Art Museum, you can find a variety of amusing scenarios that trick the eye to create a hilarious scene. A rampaging giant gorilla or a maniacal vampire? There’s no shortage of ways visitors can enjoy the skillfully designed rooms here, and sharing your experience on social media is encouraged.

    As you can see, there’s a wide variety of fun spots to visit at DECKS Tokyo Beach. Whether you’re looking to take a break from a daytrip of shopping or seeking out a unique Tokyo attraction, there’s something for everyone at this large complex by the beach. If you’re planning on visiting Odaiba to see famous sights like the Unicorn Gundam or the Daikanransha Ferris Wheel, make some time to visit this exciting mall sometime in your day. DECKS is very convenient to visit at the end of a trip out to Odaiba because of its close promixity to Odaiba Kaihinkoen station, the last stop on the island before crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

    You can learn more about DECKS and how to travel there at their website.

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