Momo Is Back, and She Is Going to Hollywood

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  • Remember that very scary sculpture referred as “Momo” because of a viral hoax named The Momo Challenge? Well Momo is heading to Hollywood!

    That’s right. Thanks to a partnership between Orion Pictures, Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment, and producer Taka Ichise, Momo will have her own feature film.

    This is all so fitting, since Ichise is the producer behind many renowned Japanese horror films like Ringu (The Ring), Ju-On: The Grudge, and Dark Water. Lee served as the executive producer of the Hollywood adaptations of Ringu and Ju-On: The Grudge, and is the producer behind the most successful horror movie of all time: It, the first chapter of Stephen King’s story. It: Chapter Two will be released in September 2019.

    How We Got Here?

    The Momo Challenge started to become controversial in 2018 when it was claimed that the challenge targeted kids, sending them messages encouraging them to commit self-harm. Each massage was supposed to escale, making the commands more and more violent.

    The story gained more global attention in 2019 after the Police Service of Northern Ireland posted a public warning on Facebook. A domino effect ensued, and parents around the world began to panic as the stories of the Momo Challenge and its victims, as well as the ads that were allegedly appearing on YouTube videos aimed at children, began to spread.

    However, the Momo Challenge turned out to be a hoax. There was never a challenge, and the fear was mostly created thanks to news outlets writing about the story.

    There are many hypotheses as to why the hoax reached such a global scale, analysts mentioning how parents’ common fears of danger coming to their children thanks to our reliance on social media mixed with the turmoil fueled by news outlets and users sharing the news on sites like Facebook created a perfect recipe to let the hoax grow out of control.

    The Movie

    As of now, there are no details of this untitled movie. However, the infamous Momo Challenge inspired an upcoming movie titled Getaway.

    Considering that the original sculpture by Keisuke Aiso called Mother Bird represents ubume, a bird-woman from Japanase folklore, the movie could talk more about this yokai (ghost) than the hoax challenge.

    The idea of a movie featuring Momo as a ghost is very enticing, particularly when remembering that Ichise is involved in this project.

    However, since there are no details as of yet, we will have to wait until we can get a better picture of what this project will be about.


    As of now, there is no information regarding the film. Nonetheless, seeing Ichise and Lee taking the reins of this project is particularly exciting due to their past projects. Considering there is already a movie in the making inspired by the infamous challenge, we can assume this movie will be more about the titled character (Momo, a.k.a Mother Bird) than the challenge itself. This could prove better, since Netflix’s Black Mirror already has an episode about online challenges.

    We would like to know your own theories: what do you think the movie will be about? Don’t forget to comment to let us know your hypotheses.

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