Godzilla Reviews: Destroy All Monsters

  • The Avengers of Kaiju Movies

    Destroy All Monsters is one of the more famous of the Godzilla series. It connected many different monsters in the Toho universe, and put them all together in one movie. It is probably the final great movie of the original series.

    Story Synopsys

    Destroy All Monsters takes place in the exotic future of 1999! In this future, all the monsters have been rounded up and placed all together on one island, creatively named Monsterland. The earth is at peace and both the Kaiju and the humans are all happy. That is until an evil race of female aliens (sexism much?) comes to earth and releases all the monsters and takes control of them. The monsters spread throughout the world destroying everything. A small group of humans set out on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the main ship of the aliens to take control of the monsters away from the female menace, before the evil space monster King Ghidorah arrives.


    Destroy All Monsters is incredibly fun. It contains so many monsters. Godzilla, Minilla (Godzilla’s son), Rodan, Mothra, Angilas, the Giant Spider, and many more make their appearance. The movie does get bogged down at times with the story of the humans. The monsters appearances are quite short, many are little more than cameos. But the end of the movie, makes up for the rest.

    There are a total of 11 monsters in this movie. Until 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars, this would be the most monsters to appear in any Godzilla movie. Toho threw all of their monsters into one pot because this was to be the final Godzilla movie. For the previous few years, the reception of Kaiju movies had been decreasing. But this movie was so successful that it single-handedly revived the Kaiju genre.

    While this would not be the final Godzilla movie (there would be 19 more), it would be the final one with the 4 main creators of Godzilla; Ishiro Honda (directing), Eiji Tsuburaya (overseeing special effects), Tomoyuki Tanaka (producing), and Akira Ifukube (music).

    This movie would mark a downhill spiral in the quality of Godzilla movies. It would take another 6 movies to drill this original franchise into the ground…

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