Top Three Crepe Shops to Satisfy Your Taste Buds!

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  • A crepe is a type of a very thin pancake that is oftentimes made from wheat or buckwheat flour. The word crepe is derived from the latin word acrispa meaning “curled”. While crepes are associated with France, they have captured the hearts and stomachs of people worldwide. Even in Japan. These are three places you have to visit if you’re looking for the best crepes Japan has to offer. And they all are located in the centre of street fashion- Harajuku!

    Marion Crepes

    Marion crepes, established in Harajuku, 1976, has become popular, so popular that it has since gone nationwide, its shops go as far as China. Marion crepes is known for a unique crepe recipe called “the secret of Marion”. Marion crepes offers dozens of different types of crepes ranging from, hot, snack, whipped cream, ice, special, deluxe, and they even have an extra special type “Ichigo cheesecake special”. They also have limited edition “seasonal menus”, and at the moment they’re offering their limited summer menu.

    Open weekly from 11AM to 7PM

    Cafe Crepe Harajuku

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    Cafe crepe Harajuku (strawberry house) is dubbed the oldest Harajuku crepe shop. Open since 1977, it’s regarded to be the first crepe specializing shop in Harajuku. Cafe Crepe Harajuku is well known for their banana chocolate whipped cream crepe, it also offers other popular crepes like their matcha ice cream and matcha cheesecake. They have other cheesecake flavors including strawberry and fresh mixed berries, as well as an ice cream and bananas combo.

    Open weekly from 10:30AM to 10PM

    Santa Monica Crepes

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    Santa Monica Crepes was styled to mimic a retro Los Angeles diner with influences of the pink and neon colors of the surrounding shops. Known for the crêpe brûlée, is the most popular and their best selling type. They offer other crepe fillings including chocolate cream, caramel nut cream, banana cafe au lait cream, custard whipped strawberry, and more. They also sell milk tea with various flavours including caramel, chocolate, and others.

    Opens weekly from 9:30AM to 10PM

    There is definitely going to be a crêpe that will suit your needs. If you ever find yourself in Japan and are craving some delicious treats, stop by one of these three shops, try some of their delectable crepes and see for yourself why crepes are loved all over the world far and wide.

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