3D Edo and haunted house: Tokyo Trick Art Museum

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  • Odaiba Trick Art Museum

    Located on Tokyo’s artificial island Odaiba, the Tokyo Trick Art Museum (東京トリックアート迷宮館) will start tricking your senses from the very beginning!

    You will find all the traditional things Japan has to offer: the Edo area, with a town, a sumo ring and even a tea house. Yet somehow everything seems to be playing some tricks on our minds. Either a lady in kimono is pulling your sleeve, ninjas are attacking you, or you are forced into hard labour carting a geisha.

    But this is just the beginning!

    Later, you get haunted by a Japanese yokai (妖怪, monsters or ghosts) that either want you or your very soul for their midnight snack.
    Those who are brave enough, can even pull on their legs (literally) or serve them some sake. But do not worry, most of them are actually harmless.

    Then, once you discover a secret door, you can enter a gallery, which looks more like a zoo. You can see all kinds of animals; from penguins and polar bears to sharks and even a mammoth. There are also some parodies of masterpieces you will definitely enjoy.

    Finally, you will reach the puzzle area, where your eyes and brain get tricked with optical illusions and where you can find puzzles to be solved.

    As in any other museum, there is a shop here, too, where you can buy 3D-cards, 3D-puzzles and optical illusion toys as a souvenir for your friend or for yourself.
    And who knows, you might even encounter Totonosuke, the friendly ninja boy, who lives in the museum.
    The museum not only allows taking pictures, but visitors are even strongly encouraged to do so. Some locations require the help of staff, so feel free to ask for assistance in taking pictures of you and the person that accompanies you.

    Bringing food and drinks, as well as smoking, is prohibited.

    The nearest station is Odaiba Kaihinkoen Stn. (お台場海浜公園) on the Yurikamone Line, you can get to the museum in 5min on foot, or Tokyo Teleport Stn.(東京テレポート) on the Rinkai Line, from where it’d take about 10min on foot. Odaiba has a lot of other attractions to offer, too, so do not miss out on checking other facilities and famous tourist spots!


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