Floresta: The Cutest Organic Doughnuts in Japan

  • The other day I came across a shop with the most adorable and delicious doughnuts I’ve ever had. Floresta provides non-artificial doughnuts that are delicious and also environmentally friendly. Floresta uses organic ingredients made here, in Japan. They stay environmentally friendly by not using unnecessary wrapping and by providing the freshly made doughnuts (not stocking up on them as not to waste any).


    Floresta has their regular nature doughnuts, seasonal doughnuts, daily special doughnuts, animal doughnuts, nature ice cream, shaved ice, baked sweets, pound cake, other desserts, and coffee.

    Nature Doughnuts

    These simple and freshly made doughnuts are the ever-popular florets classics.

    Other than the classic nature flavor, there are also sugar, organic cinnamon, chocolate, milk, coconut chocolate, earl grey, cacao, and salt caramel flavored doughnuts. These doughnuts are available from 130 yen.

    Daily Special Doughnuts

    There is a total of 100 types of daily special doughnuts available, and each store in Japan offers different types daily. Some examples of the daily specials are matcha, bean paste, cafe latte, cranberry chocolate, organic bitter (chocolate), coffee maple, potato, and granola.

    Animal Doughnuts

    Okay so these are the doughnuts that I absolutely ADORE. They are so cute and they taste amazing as well. I personally have never seen cuter doughnuts here in Japan. The animal doughnuts at floresta are also completely organic, same as the other doughnuts, and all of the vibrant colors come from natural ingredients. The animals that are available are; polar bear, penguin, seal (and baby seal), penguins with watermelons, bee, chicken, parrot, panda bear, tiger cat, shiba dog, tiger, rabbitt, baby pig, chick, frog, koala, whale, bear, black cat, mike cat and brown cat. The prices for the animal doughnuts vary according to the animal (some of them have the doughnut ball as well which makes them more expensive).

    Nature Ice Cream

    The nature ice creams sold at Floresta are perfect for fighting the extreme summer heat of Japan. They only have two flavours; milk and vanilla, but the ice cream sold here is literally the embodiment of the saying “simple is best”. Floresta concentrates on providing ice cream that truly tastes good, using fresh organic ingredients hand picked from all around Japan. Each cup of ice cream is available for 380 yen and you can also ask for extra toppings. The ice cream cone is 70 yen, the caramel nuts are 100 yen, the rum fruits are 100 yen, the organic granola is 50 yen, the strawberry and blueberry jams are both 50 yen, and the red bean paste is 50 yen as well. I personally tried the milk ice cream with the cone, and not only did the ice cream taste amazing, but the ice cream cone is actually made from the same ingredients as the doughnuts. It’s basically eating ice cream with a slightly hard doughnut underneath it. How could that taste anything less than mind-bowling delicious?

    Shaved Ice

    The shaved ice can be ordered from Jun 1 through August 31. Floresta has a different fruit shaved ice on the menu every day along with their daily offers; matcha and roasted green tea flavored shaved ices. Each shaved ice bowl is available for 850 yen, and each of them has a scoop of ice cream on top.

    Baked Sweets

    Floresta also sells granola biscotti, doughnut rusks, and doughnut tarts.


    There are 41 floresta shops around Japan, so why not pay your nearest one a visit?

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