Kabaya Coffee – Where The Old Meets The New

  • The building that Kayaba Coffee is in was made in 1916 (isn’t that amazing?) and the actual coffee shop opened in 1938. Since then, this coffee shop became the symbol of the town of Yanaka and has been loved by everyone who visits it. After its opening in 1938, the coffee shop continued to thrive, but in the fall of 2008, the coffee shop’s master passed away, leading to the closure of the cafe.

    This coffee shop stands at the entrance of Yanaka town from the East, and due to the many voices of the people of the town and the family of the late owner, the newly renovated Kayaba Coffee reopened in 2009. With its new appearance and menu, the current Kayaba Coffee remains to be the symbolic cafe of Yanaka.

    I have not personally had the pleasure of visiting Kayaba Coffee, but I have heard from a few friends that did that their egg toast is really good, so I suggest you try it if you have a chance to visit this shop. I must say that even looking at the pictures of their egg toast is making my mouth water…and I am currently being reminded of how hungry I am as I’m writing this. I might as well go and try to make myself some egg toast right now!

    Kayaba Coffee has a goal of bringing the people of the Yanaka community together. Most ingredients that are used at Kayaba Coffee, as well as the chopsticks, come from Yanaka. With the leading art school of Japan, the Tokyo University of the Arts, being nearby and the surrounding area having mostly old and traditional Japanese suburbs, Kayaba Coffee is full of both the young people and the elderly. It is a home away from home for those who go there. It provides a calm and relaxing place for the people to eat and communicate, and that is probably one of the reasons why it has continued to be a landmark of Yanaka.

    Daytime Menu (available from 8 AM to 6 PM)

    Daytime menu features a variety of hot drinks, including tea mojito, herb teas and floats, toasts and sandwiches, and some great desserts.

    Nighttime Menu (available from 6 PM to 11 PM)

    The nighttime menu features most of the things from the daytime menu and also various salads, deep-fried foods, rice dishes, starters, desserts and a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages from Ginger Cocktails, to Coffee Liqueur Cocktails to Beer.

    The information about the working hours and access to this wonderful little coffee shop can be found here. *Automatic translation