The most fashionable Sushi restaurant was opened in Tokyo lately.

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    When it comes to sushi restaurants, isn’t the image that you have of them that of a traditional place where dour chefs make your meal?
    Sushiro, a popular kaiten-zushi (sushi-go-round) restaurant in Japan, has recently opened a trendy branch in Tokyo that is aimed at women, and where customers can have their sushi customized.
    Men can enjoy this greatly located restaurant too, which is only about 15 minutes away from Shibuya. How about paying it a visit?

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    The interior and the exterior of the restaurant share a chic monochromatic design and wooden furniture, which results in a neat and tidy look.
    The place offers 23 tables with 64 seats in total, including sofa seats.

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    Customers can place their order using the available tablets, just like in the regular Sushiro restaurants.
    Besides Japanese, the display can be set in English, Chinese, or Korean, making it easy for foreign customers to use it too.

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    As for their sushi menu, besides nigiri-zushi (hand-formed sushi with a topping,) they also offer the kind of sushi rolls that one often sees abroad.
    Moreover, customers are not only able to add toppings such as ikura (salmon roe,) uni (sea urchin,) tobiko (flying fish roe,) and avocado to the 6 available types of nigiri, but they can also have their toppings grilled.
    The tablet displays a sample of what the customized dish will look like, so customers can also enjoy the time spent choosing their meal.
    The menu includes a line-up of à la carte fish and meat dishes, sweets, and other Western dishes using white sauce.
    The drink menu offers also a wide range of beverages, from soft drinks to beer, wine, high balls, sours, plum liquor, shochu, sake, and low-malt beer.

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    The appetizers that customers can enjoy during the time that goes since they place their sushi order until their meal is ready are a distinctive feature of this restaurant.
    Between 8 to 10 different types of appetizers are available for self-service at the counter set up at the rear end of the restaurant.
    There are also trays that allow customers to carry 3 plates at the same time, the combination of which results in a lovely design that looks like a flower.

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    Salad made with vegetables carefully selected by the chef, who actually goes out to buy them.

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    Bite-sized rolls that use ingredients such as avocado and cheese, added to the menu because of their popularity among women.

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    Their 500 yen anago (conger eel) nigiri, which uses a whole anago drained using the “ikejime” technique, is really big.
    The anago is so soft that it feels as if it melts in the mouth – to be able to enjoy this for just 500 yen is quite a luxury.

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    For lunch time, they have 4 different plates available, all of which come with a salad and a soup.
    Being able to enjoy such a voluminous meal for just 980 yen is a great deal.

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    Dessert is authentic too.

    Customers may expect to spend about 1,000 yen for lunch, and about 4,000 yen for dinner.
    Make sure you enjoy some delicious sushi at this fashionable restaurant!

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    Japanese notation:ツマミグイ

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