Super Mario and Friends: The Most Famous Characters of All Time!

  • Super Mario And Friends

    It’s me, Mario! No, it’s me, Luigi! No, Princess Peach it is! Harhar, Bowser will defeat you all! If these names mean nothing to you, you are probably new to the franchise of Super Mario. In that case, I recommend you to continue reading because it’s time to meet a few of the most famous characters of all time!


    Mario or Super Mario is the main character of the Mario video game franchise. This short, chubby and friendly plumber was developed by Shigeru Miyamoto, a video game designer of Nintendo. Mario made his first appearance in 1981 as “Jumpman” in the “Donkey Kong” arcade game. After that he became the main character of “Super Mario Bros” which led to the most successful series of video games ever. Featured in over 200 games, Mario also appeared on TV and even in a movie.

    His main task is to save Princess Peach who was kidnapped by an overall antagonistic Bowser. Mario fights his way through the Mushroom Kingdom, using his abilities of jumping, throwing fireballs, flying and more. One may wonder why he keeps trying to rescue her, but the answer is that he probably loves her.


    Luigi is the younger brother and companion of Mario. He first appeared in 1983 in “Super Mario Bros.” to help Mario on his rescue mission for Peach. Luigi developed his own little branch of games but was never as successful as Mario. Presently he is featured in the spin-off games like “Mario Kart”. His character is calmer than that of his brother who tends to get angry very fast. He has the same abilities, and even the same profession as Mario.

    Princess Peach

    Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She appears at first in “Super Mario Bros.” in 1983, as the damsel in distress. In most of the Mario video games she is in need of rescue after being held captive by Bowser. Princess Peach is a thoroughly good person and she is in love with Mario, but is also very friendly towards his brother Luigi.


    Bowser is the main antagonist of the series and the nemesis of Mario. He wants to defeat Mario and marry Peach to reign over Mushroom Kingdom. He appeared as the main enemy in “Super Mario Bros.” for the first time. He looks like a giant turtle with sharp claws and flaming red hair. Not only does he have an evil mind, he can also breathe fire, has knowledge of black magic and can jump high in the air. His residence is Bowser Castle in a volcanic area. Whenever Peach manages to get kidnapped again, Bowser Castle is where he waits for our hero Mario to come.