Tower Records Shibuya – A Must Visit For Any J-pop Fan

  • One place that you can’t miss in Japan if you’re a huge J-Pop fan is Tower Records Shibuya! Tower Records Shibuya is a nine-story building filled with CDs and books. This place is perfect for overseas fans who want to get their hands on physical J-Pop merchandise while in Japan. Tower Records Shibuya is easily accessible, since it’s just a three-minute walk away from Shibuya station. What’s more, the said building is easy to spot with its vibrant red and yellow colors and with the tag line “No Music No Life”.

    What’s Tower Records?

    Tower Records started as a retail music chain in Sacramento, California. It further branched out into other US states and countries, but had to close down due to bankruptcy. However, we still have Tower Records in Japan today, since here they were managed independently.

    Surreal Experience

    As a big fan of J-Pop music, I couldn’t help but be on cloud nine when I stepped into the store. It was at the time of Perfume’s LEVEL 3 promotion when I got the chance to be in this iconic place. Perfume’s Magic of Love costumes were displayed at the entrance along with Perfume goods. It was a surreal experience since it was the first time I entered into such a huge place filled with J-Pop goods!

    What does Tower Records offer?

    Besides Japanese merchandise, the store also offers foreign books in English Language on the 7th floor. Furthermore, you can also find a cafe on the 2nd floor where you can purchase a coffee while browsing through the whole store. The store also offers a variety of music genres like classical, pop, jazz and soul. But you can’t miss the variety of J-Pop the store offers!

    Do people still buy physical J-Pop records?

    As some of the huge J-Pop fans may already know, Japan still chooses to have physical CDs and DVDs even in the digital era, so the record stores are still popular among the young Japanese and the overseas J-Pop fans.

    Don’t forget to visit Tower Records’ website and facebook page.

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