Learn to Cook Tamagoyaki – The Easy And Delicious Japanese Dish

  • HOW TO
  • Japanese cooking may seem difficult at first glance, but actually it can be really easy and fun! Japanese kitchens are traditionally very small, so a lot of their foods are easy to make. One simple dish the Japanese love to eat is tamagoyaki, or rolled egg. All you need is: eggs, dashi, and light soy sauce.

    Step One

    The first step is to whisk the egg using long cooking chopsticks, and then add the dashi and light soy sauce and mix them well. Take a folded paper towel and use it to spread oil over a special tamagoyaki pan (small and rectangular). If you don’t have a special pan like this, don’t worry! You can still cook this dish in any regular pan, it will probably just be a little more difficult.

    Step Two

    Next, you need to pour some of the egg mixture into the pan, on a medium high heat, so it covers the surface of the pan. Then, using chopsticks, begin to roll the egg towards you until it has formed one perfect rolled egg! Then, add more mixture and roll the new mixture around the existing egg roll. Continue repeating this step until all the mixture has been used.

    Step Three

    I’ll be able to pick up all the tools and ingredients easily from any supermarket or a big store. If you’re outside of Japan, some of these things might be a little more difficult to acquire, but head to any Asian supermarket and you should be able to find what you need! Enjoy cooking this easy, fun and delicious Japanese dish!