Make your own delicious sushi roll with these Easy Steps

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  • For many, when they think of Japanese food – they will always think of sushi! There are many different kinds of sushi you can get, but one of the most delicious is the traditional sushi roll. These sushi rolls can be filled with a huge range of ingredients depending on your personal tastes. Traditionally, there is usually some seafood and fresh vegetables, wrapped in sushi rice and covered in a sheet of nori (dried seaweed). Most people think that sushi has to be very difficult and complicated to make, but actually it can be pretty simple – and fun!


    The first step to making sushi rolls, is to make some sushi rice! To do this, you need to mix white rice with some vinegar, sugar and salt and mix well. You also want the rice to cool quickly so if you have a friend on hand, have them fan the rice while you mix! This will make the rice nice and sticky which will help keep your sushi stick together.


    Next, lay out a sheet of nori (seaweed) on a bamboo roll mat and thinly spread your rice onto the nori. Make sure its not too thick, or you won’t be able to roll it! Then you can add whatever fillings you like! I chose to add crab sticks, rolled egg, cucumber and mushrooms. Any combination is fine, as long as you enjoy it! Try and make the ingredients a range of colours if you want it to look really yummy!


    Using the bamboo roll, next you need to roll your sushi nice and tightly. The sticky rice helps the nori to stay nicely rolled, and keep all the tasty ingredients inside! You need to be sure that your fillings are evenly spread along the sushi roll so it keeps a nice shape!

    Slice and Enjoy!

    Now you need a very sharp knife to slice your sushi roll! To make it easier to cut, it’s a good idea to wet the edge of the knife in some water. This helps it slide through the sticky rice much easier and make lovely sushi rolls! Now, enjoy your beautiful creations! No soy sauce though! The Japanese don’t eat sushi rolls with soy sauce – so if you want to do this the traditional way, keep away from the soy!

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