Gotta Catch ‘em All at the Pokemon Center DX

  • Tokyo
  • Have you ever dreamed the world of Pokemon would be real? Your dream could come close to becoming true at the biggest Pokemon center in Japan!

    Pokemon DX Tokyo is the newest and biggest Pokemon center in all of Japan. It’s located in Chuo City, very close to Ginza. It has so much to offer for Pokemon lovers, from a themed cafe to endless merch, you’ll be able to find anything Pokemon related your heart could possibly want.


    The Cafe

    This has to be one of the best theme cafes in all of Tokyo! Absolutely every dish is Pokemon themed and unbelievably adorable, making it so difficult to chose. On the permanent menu, there are multiple Pikachu and Eevee plates, and even a Jigglypuff cheesecake dessert.


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    Right now and through September 6th, they are offering a special menu that has Pokemon shaped burgers and a Chicoryta pancake salad.

    The drinks look just as good as the food too. There are many different floats and smoothies and you could buy them in a souvenir cup too. My personal favorite was the ‘Gengar’s Tasteful Light Smoothie’.


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    The Pokedex Wall

    Want to get interactive and search for your favorite Pokemon? At the DX center, they have a whole interactive wall dedicated to being a Pokedex. You can search for your favorites based on what type of Pokemon they are and scroll around, click on the one you want to see and it will give you all the stats on that Pokemon!


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    The Merchandise

    Anything you could possibly want in a Pokemon theme, you can find it here. There are endless plush toys, Pokemon cards, apparel, dishware, keychains, and so much more! It is so hard to choose what to go home with at the end of the day.

    There is a whole wall that has every Pokemon character, old and new, as a small stuffed animal for only ¥1,100 ($10). There are also “build your own” Pokemon leggo sets, action figures, and full decks of Pokemon cards.

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    It was so hard for me to not buy all my favorite Pokemon to take home. I found a Chimchar, which was really special to me because when I was younger my brother got me the Pokemon Pearl version for Nintendo DS and Chimchar was the starter Pokemon I chose.

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    I ended up deciding (after a long time) on getting a Bulbasaur to take with me. For me, and many others, Pokemon hold so much sentimental value. I watched it growing up, collected cards and inherited some from my brother, and I played the games as well. I get very nostalgic about Pokemon and I’m sure many other people do too, and that is why the Pokemon Center is a dream come true.



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