Crazy Burgers Only the Japanese Could Come Up With

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  • After living in both Japan and the US, I personally had an impression of Japanese food being more…conservative?(if you can say so)
    Compared to the food US, Japanese food usually looks more naturally coloured and not too far on the adventurous side. But boy was I wrong. Some of the burger shops here in Japan have come up with the most bizarre yet oddly intriguing hamburger types.

    The KURO Series from Burger King

    The KURO series consist of two types of burgers: the KURO Pearl and the KURO Diamond. The KURO series’ hamburgers from Burger King have bamboo charcoal mixed into the dough colouring it the shocking black. Just like the bun itself the cheese has bamboo charcoal mixed into it making it black as well. I’m not too sure how appetising this would look…but I might want to try it. The KURO series will be available from August 21st this year.

    The AKA Series from Burger King

    I guess making pitch black burgers wasn’t enough for Burger King. They also made RED burgers. And by red, I mean BRIGHT RED. Burger King achieved this brilliant shade of red by mixing in tomato powder to the buns and the cheese. Both the AKA SAMURAI CHICKEN and the AKA SAMURAI BEEF have miso based spicy sauce adding to each bite. Some people even mentioned extreme sweating…why not try it for yourself? The AKA Series has been available from July 3rd this year.

    The Blue Burger from Orbi Yokohama

    The Blue Burger is designed to look like the very planet we stand on: Earth. It is a deep fried chicken burger and it actually looks quite good. I am not too sure what they used to get this slightly ridiculous blue shade that sort of reminds me of the Genie from Aladdin.

    The Tomami Burger from Mos Burger

    This burger’s bun is actually a LL size tomato. It seems a bit challenging to bite into but as a tomato lover I highly appreciate the healthy alternative to all of the carbs and other things a regular hamburger bun is loaded with. The hamburger comes with a side of tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic dressing.

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