Epic Japanese Gaming – Final Fantasy!

  • Many people enjoy playing RPGs, or Role Playing Games, and there are many popular games out there to enjoy. But have you ever played an epic JRPG? That’s a Japanese Role Playing Game, and they are very popular. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the Final Fantasy series of games, these are probably the most popular JRPGs around. There are currently 14 versions of the main game, as well as numerous sequels and spin-offs to go with it.



    One of the biggest draws of these games is the interesting and varied collection of characters in each game. Every version of Final Fantasy features a main character who you play as for most of the game, and follow them through an epic adventure. But, each game also has a close-knit group of friends who work with the lead character on their adventure. You have the chance to play as all the characters throughout the game, and everyone has their own skills and strengths which makes the game very interesting.

    World Building


    The World Building in the Final Fantasy games is pretty epic! In every game, you have the opportunity to explore and adventure through a range of different areas, buildings and cities. When you level up to Final Fantasy 7, this becomes the most exciting part of the game as the whole game suddenly opens up into a huge world map, with hours of adventure to enjoy!

    Battle Time!


    The gameplay of the Final Fantasy series focuses heavily on the battles the characters have to win. Wandering around the world, the characters encounter lots of little battles to help level up. But, there are also climactic battles throughout the game that are much more difficult to win, and you would probably need a more detailed plan to be victorious!

    The battles are turn-based, and everyone has different abilities, from magic, to hand-to-hand, to gun blades!

    Each game will give you around 60 hours of gameplay to enjoy, and it’s like being a part of an epic fantasy movie or novel!

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