Japan’s Five Best–Selling Manga Series Of All Time

  • Modern manga industry, as it is known today, started more than half a decade ago, just after WWII. Having a different cultural position than comics in other countries, the market for manga is growing bigger and bigger each year.

    Entertainment is being its most important part, but the aesthetic illustrations are just as important. No matter if you are new to manga or know most of the titles, make sure to check out the top 5 best selling manga in Japan!


    Osamu Tezuka is well-known for Astro-Boy, a manga involving a robot boy living in a futuristic world. His much later published manga “Black Jack”, which has been serialised during a period of only ten years, has sold 176 million copies more than any other Tezuka’s work.
    “Black Jack” is a story about the adventures of the Doctor Black Jack, who usually does some good deeds or teaches others a lesson.

    4. GOLGO 13

    This is the oldest manga still being published: It started in 1968 and now has around 186 volumes, having sold more than 200 million copies. The story is about Golgo 13, aka Duke Togo, who is a professional assassin. Usually involved in killing politicians or crime lords, he uses a M16 rifle for his assassinations. This Japanese counterpart of James Bond is a must-read for action lovers!

    3. NARUTO

    This comes as no surprise: the charismatic character Naruto will win everybody’s heart due to the good amount of comedy and fighting, and the main character being a cheerful ninja with a mysterious and dangerous entity being sealed into his body. The manga series has been published for 15 years and completed in 2014 with 72 volumes, having sold more than 205 million copies.


    A classic shonen manga, that is popular among everyone! A mix of martial arts, adventure, fantasy and futuristic science, Akira Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball” is well-known worldwide. More than two decades ago the 42 volumes have been completed, spinning off many anime television series and even live-action movies, two being unofficial and one being unfortunately a flop. Nevertheless, over 250 million copies have been sold, making “Dragon Ball” the cult sensation from the 80’s and 90’s for many Japanese!

    1. ONE PIECE

    This rather new series of manga is the best-selling manga ever mostly due to the number of collected volumes and it’s broad audience. “One Piece” , the story that involves a crazy pirate crew in search of a hidden treasure, has so far sold more than 320 million copies and the series is still continuing!

    *Featured Image: jp.fotolia.com/