What is Yakiniku? One of Japan’s Favourite Dining Styles!

  • Yakiniku is a Japanese word that actually means “grilled meat” – and that’s exactly what a yakiniku restaurant is all about! These restaurants are extremely popular in Japan, and you will find many different brands, all with different meat you can choose!

    How does it work?

    Almost all yakiniku restaurants will be ‘all you can eat’. This means that you pay a set price for a set time and eat as much as you can! Most restaurants will also offer a variety of all you can eat options, with different meat included in each one. One very popular yakiniku; 298 (or nikuya in Japanese; which means meat shop), even has an all you can eat steak offer! Many places will also offer all you can drink options too. If you don’t drink alcohol, there’s an all you can drink with soft drinks! Prices at different restaurants vary greatly, 298 is a fairly cheap yakiniku with a good quality selection – so I recommend you check them out. They have branches all over Kansai, so if you are in the area – keep a lookout!

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    Your first selection of meat will be brought over for you, depending on which plan you selected. Usually you will also be provided with scissors, sauce, and the option to accompany your meal with rice, kimchi, curry, or salad. After your first serving, you then call the waiter over and choose what meat you want next! Be careful not to order too much though – you will be charged extra if you leave a lot of meat left at the end!

    Cooking time!

    The most unique thing about yakiniku restaurants is that the meat will come to you raw! That’s right – you get to grill it all by yourself. This makes the dining experience more social, and fun! Everyone helps to grill the food, and you serve stuff as and when it’s ready. So you never stop eating (or drinking)!

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