Get a Little Extra Somethin’ from a Conbini…

  • Anyone that’s been to Japan will know just how amazing the conbinis (or convenience stores) are. But, did you know that sometimes these amazing stores become even more so? Well, fear not, as I am going to tell you all about it!

    Special Campaigns


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    Have you ever seen these strange, but very cute stickers on your food? Or any kind of special sticker that only appears to be on certain products? Well then, you have stumbled upon a special campaign! Stores will often hold these events for 1-3 months, and will usually be affiliated with a popular anime, or famous character! They will usually only have stickers on their fresh, bakery goods. This way, the store can maximise the sales of these items, and you enjoy more freshly baked goods! Yum!

    Collect them all!


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    If you happen to visit the same conbini regularly, you should probably try and collect these stickers! Every time they are running a special campaign, you will be able to pick up one of these sticker sheets in store. Although the instructions are in Japanese, don’t let that scare you off though, it’s all pretty simple! Every time you buy something with a sticker on the packaging, make sure you don’t throw it away! Peel off your stickers and add them to your sheet. There will be a set number of stickers you need to collect, and this will be made very clear on both the sticker sheet, and in store. And when you do….

    It’s Prize Time!

    Thats right! If you collect enough stickers, you can exchange them for a special prize! These prizes are usually limited edition, so you can’t buy them anywhere! The prizes range from plates, glasses, toys, and random accessories. So, if you spot something you like – start collecting those stickers!

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